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Stop ferns from writhing like tentacular aliens

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A simple mod I wanted for my current playthrough.

Have you ever noticed that when you use any decent flora mod that improves the meshes of ferns they start to writhe like tentacular alien motherf*rs? It pissed me off. The effect is still there in Vanilla, but it's much more noticeable with SFO, TRHD, Pfuscher ferns, etc.

Investigation showed that Skyrim defines ferns as trees, not grasses, so instead of swaying gently in a breeze like grasses do, ferns writhe their individual leaves in a way that is completely unnatural.

This small mod simply sets the leaf amplitude for ferns to 0.

If you don't like the fact that ferns don't wave gently in the breeze anymore, they never did, it was all an optical con. Fortunately, the same con still works, so when ferns have gently waving grass around them your eyes will tell you that the ferns are also waving. Just don't look too closely.

This is compatible with all flora mods I've found so far because any new species of ferns introduced by SFO, Verdant, etc. are properly defined as grasses.