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Adds an immersive standalone version of my simple delicate cherry blossom and pink/purple hued Asian-inspired retexture of The Witcher 2 Brigida Paperbrock Dress -- UNP by SumoJellyBean.

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A standalone version of my  simple delicate cherry blossom and pink/purple hued Asian-inspired retexture of The Witcher 2 Brigida Paperbrock Dress -- UNP by SumoJellyBean has been requested by several people.

Well, here you go! I couldn't just make things simple, so it also has an optional hidden treasure hunt and is fully craftable. 

You have several options after installing this mod.

1.) You can craft it:

  • The dress and boots can be crafted at the tanning rack. (You'll need dyed fabric which you can either craft by dyeing linen wraps at a cooking pot or you can loot from a few spots near the East Empire Docks in Solitude.)
  • The necklace can be crafted at the forge.
2.) You can loot it:

There's a hidden treasure hunt at the East Empire Trading Company docks. For spoilers and more info, see my video.

3.) If you aren't patient enough to do any of that and want it NOW, you can use the console to get it. Just type "help Asian Brigida" to find the item number and then player.additem XXXXXXX OR if that is too confusing, you could use the AddItemMenu mod to just add it to your inventory (which I use allll the time when trying out mods).

BONUS: I added a little Easter Egg for those of you who always wanted the wedding outfit from the Dark Brotherhood quest but don't like playing that storyline. (I always kill the Dark Brotherhood myself.) Just pay attention when you are doing the hidden treasure hunt or if you want spoilers on how to find it, watch the video. Trust me, it fits into the "story" I've added for the outfit to be there.

 Please note: This is enchanted CLOTHING, not armor. 

(Worried about not being protected by your garments? I personally use Excellent Armor: Armored Jewelry for aesthetic reasons and I've also made some armored circlets for my own use.)