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Toggles various things with hotkeys, such as HUD, headgear, ammo, God Mode, collision and in game camera customizer.

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Toggles various things with hotkeys. Hotkeys can be mapped via MCM.
  • HUD: Works the same as "tm" console command. Hides or shows HUD elements.
  • Headgear: Toggles the player's current headgear unequipped/re-equipped.
  • Hair: Toggles the player's hair visible/hidden. Example Usage: Hide your character's hair for face sculpting.
  • Ammo: Toggles the player's ammo visible/hidden by scaling the ammo. This does not affect the equip state.
  • Lock: Toggles the lock state of the current crosshair target if possible, "Locked (Requires Key)" or "Unlocked".
  • God Mode: Works the same as "tgm" console command. Takes no damage, no spell cost, unlimited carry weight. Useful for debugging.
  • Collision: Works the same as "tc" console command. Useful when you stuck between NPCs or objects.

Other options below.
  • Save/Load Settings: Saves or loads the settings. Suggested settings can be loaded here.
  • Undress: Works the same as "UnequipAll" console command.
  • Storage: Opens a remotely accessible chest. Shows a dialogue menu to choose from 5 chests. The contents can be emptied by using 'Empty Storage' option.
  • Auto Toggle Ammo: Automatically makes the ammo visible when a bow or a crossbow are drawn, otherwise hidden.
  • Camera Control: Controls the 3rd person camera position by using hotkeys so you don't need to open and close the MCM over and over again. Takes no effect on horse back.
  • Player Speed Boost: Increases the player's movement speed.
  • Quit Game: Shows the "Quit to desktop?" dialogue menu to quickly close the game.
  • HDT Fix: Fixes the HDT mesh stretching/invisible NPC bug. Specified NPCs will be automatically fixed when entering/exiting cells. It can also be fixed manually by pressing the hotkey if the automatic fix failed.


Via a mod manager or merge into the Data folder.

(Optional) PapyrusUtil for saving and loading the settings.

Remove the old version and install the new version. Clean save or new game is  not necessary.

If the Camera Control option is enabled, it may conflict with other mods that change the 3rd person camera settings.
This mod can be used with the other camera mods safely by disabling this option.

Mods that make the player essential may override the God Mode option.

Console commands can override the states of the HUD, the God Mode, and the Collision.


Q: It does not appear in MCM.
It may take some time to be registered.
Leave it until it is registered, or use console command or batch file "SetStage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1".

Q: The crosshair ended up becoming inaccurate and can't activate objects properly.
This is a common vanilla bug and can be fixed by sprinting.


by exiledviper and meh321

Ian Patterson
Stephen Abel
Paul Connelly
Brendan Borthwick

by schlangster and SkyUI Team