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Resolve the civil war once and for all during the Hrothgar peace talks.

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Adds a way to resolve the Civil War questline / Season Undending.

During the High Hrothgar peace talks, when asked if Elenwen should stay or go, respond with a new dialogue option that she should die. Civil War resolution ensues!

Or if you simply want to skip the Civil War questline, you can more or less do the same with a console command (see below) or cheat item (look for a staff between the south wall of Riverwood and the river).

Known bugs and limitations:

- in High Hrothgar scenario, sometimes the player animation gets stuck around the time that player controls should be enabled again. So make a save game before attempting this.

- the jarl governing in holds remain unchanged, except for Hjaalmarch / Winterhold, which may switch their side (so as to ensure that truce talks in The Fallen are skipped if the civil war is resolved)

- either Ulfric or Tullius will die, and this determines who is considered the victorious side by most NPCs afterwards; this is random, if you want a specific outcome, either reload the game until getting the desired result of the fight, or use one of the following console commands just before starting the fight:

setstage bahcwpaxos 60  -- Imperials will win
setstage bahcwpaxos 70  -- Stormcloaks will win


The Second Great War mod initially didn't have the option to skip civil war; that option was eventually included there.

Also, for a while this mod was a last option to try clean up the mess with civil war if a questline overhaul mod would break it.

It still could be a way to "lose" civil war if someone feels like doing so.