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Resolve the civil war once and for all during the Hrothgar peace talks.

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Adds a way to resolve the Civil War questline / Season Undending.

During the High Hrothgar peace talks, when asked if Elenwen should stay or go, respond with a new dialogue option that she should die. Civil War resolution ensues! Also you get removed from Greybeards faction (to play well with The Paarthurnax Option).

Or if you simply want to skip the Civil War questline, you can more or less do the same with a console command (see below) or cheat item (look for a staff between the south wall of Riverwood and the river).

Known bugs:
- in High Hrothgar scenario, sometimes the player animation gets stuck around the time that player controls should be enabled again. So make a save game before attempting this.


version 1.1 - more polished

- now civil war introductory quests are shut down by default, so they won't ruin your immersion while playing through something like a Second Great War
- old behavior can be enabled with configuring the mod by setting stage 9.
- fixes completing "Season Unending" in the journal

version 1.0 - the playtested release.

- makes Hjaalmarch / Winterhold switch the side - this is to ensure that truce talks in The Fallen are skipped if the civil war is resolved; obviously it's relevant only when using a cheat item or these console commands:
setstage bahcwpaxos 60  ; force Imperials victory
setstage bahcwpaxos 70  ; force Stormcloack victory
setstage bahcwpaxos 50  ; force victory of a random side (there's duel, but it's rigged)
You can also use stage 7 and 8 to configure the behavior of the mod. 7 will add a magic anomaly to the fray, 8 will make also the capital holds going to the victors. The latter will ruin your immersion, as Galmar will still be plotting against Empire in the same room as the new empire Legate in Windhelm. That's because the civil war introductory quest and scenes are left open and mostly unchanged; I have a feeling it will stay that way until another mod arises to finally resolve the Moot and/or Jagged Crown arcs.

version 0.9 - beta version for the quest content
- changed the editor name of the quest from VxCWPaxos to BaHCWPaxos (this is to avoid a clash with Vaticidal)
- conditioned the new dialogue option on completing Diplomatic Immunity (which you always do in vanilla game)
- player character is initially paralyzed by a damage-less variant of the Ice Form shout
- and eventually, is expelled to High Hrothgar courtyard, where the remaining action is wrapped as "Mother Wind" journal quest

version 0.8 - beta version for terminating the Civil War quest line. The dialogue needs some overhaul, but quests should not get stuck or break. All active civil war quests should be cancelled, except the first one: it should be possible to join the winners side and do the initiation quest up to taking the oath, if you haven't joined one of the armies before.

version 0.6 - semi-immersive (a cutscene with disabled player controls), managed to continue with the remaining part of the Fallen main quest; the shutdown of civil war quests is barely tackled on.