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Makes your bedroom in Breezehome more private, so an idling Lydia no longer passes her downtime sitting in your bedroom, like an incredibly creepy person.

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Someone's been sitting in my chair, eating my bread, watching my bed... as I sleep in it.

This was my first plan for the release of the creation kit. Fix it so Lydia stops sitting in my bedroom, in Breezehome. All the time. I found it incredibly creepy and irritating.

This does not conflict with any companion mods. This only changes the entries for two chairs in your house. Might conflict with any mods that change the furniture arrangement in Breezehome.

Now the chairs in your Breezehome's bedroom should be ignored by NPCs.

To install, merely extract the contents of this zip file (a single .esp) into your game's data folder, then launch your game, select "data files" and check "Get out of my Bedroom". If using a mod manager, double click to enable this mod.

If you run this mod and load your save game, and you are in Breezehome already, then Lydia might stand up and sit down and stand up and sit down, over and over again, in YOUR chair in YOUR bedroom, until you leave the house and re-enter it.

This mod took seconds to make. I am sharing this with everyone else who is extremely irritated by Lydia.

For some reason I haven't spent effort investigating, Lydia doesn't sit in any other chairs. She is using the default sandbox package, and this mod doesn't change anything related to Lydia as that would conflict with companion mods. Why won't she sit in any other chairs? No other chair has been flagged "Ignored by Sandbox," does this home has awkward navmesh or something?