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Last Seed is a Primary Needs, Wellness, and Disease overhaul mod designed to add an engaging twist on standard primary needs gameplay. The Prologue is an early, unfinished, frequent-update release for testing and suggestions.

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Version: 0.1
Date: 5/24/2017

I'm very, very happy to say that Last Seed is in its first releasable stage. Last Seed is a primary needs, wellness, and disease overhaul mod. The Last Seed Prologue is an early look at the mod, and an opportunity for you to provide feedback as it is developed. Help steer the course of its development week-by-week.

This is also, in a way, a return to form for me. A chance to work on a large, green-field project again and have a close relationship with the people playing it as I go. This is a much needed change, and I'm really looking forward to it, and to your feedback. Please enjoy and let me know what you think, both positive and critical! I hope this is the beginning of a long and rewarding discussion.

What the Prologue Is

I've done my best to ensure that the Last Seed Prologue is not an Alpha. By that I mean, all of the features that are included in the mod today should be functioning at a level I would consider "release-worthy". Please note "release-worthy" does not mean "feature complete", it means "functional and not broken". So, what's in the game now should be playable and enjoyable.

Please note that I may be removing or drastically altering features at any time. There are plenty of design decisions yet to be made, and the ones that have been made will be adjusted based on feedback and testing. Buckle up!

Please also note that I may introduce a breaking change and the Prologue might trash your save game, either now or some time in the future. This is just the messy nature of development. Back up your save games. Seriously! If this possibility bothers you, it is not a good idea for you to use this. Wait for a more stable release.

A Note about Papyrus Logs

If you have Papyrus logging enabled (highly recommended if you intend to provide testing feedback), you will notice that Last Seed generates quite a lot of "noise" in your logs. This is for debugging purposes during Prologue development. Most of these logs will be turned off in the final release. To find out how to enable Papyrus logging, see here:!#My_Script_compiles.2C_but_doesn.27t_work.21_How_can_I_debug_this.3F


* Classic Skyrim
* Campfire 1.11
* SKSE 1.7.3
* SkyUI 4.1+
* 16:9 display aspect ratio

If you have a 4:3 or 16:10 aspect ratio display, the meters will appear to be in the wrong place. As I make the meter placement and configuration code more robust, support for these aspect ratios will be added. If you don't mind some visual weirdness for the time being, it's OK to use these other aspect ratios for now.

Skyrim Special Edition will be supported closer to 1.0 release. Focusing on only one platform and one version of the game allows me to move faster in development. Requests to port the Prologue to other platforms will not be entertained. The answer to the question of "Yeah, but will it work if I slap it on Special Edition on my own anyway?" is No. Thank you for your understanding.

Starting the Mod

Sleep in any bed for at least 1 hour. You will be prompted to start the mod.

Features Included

Food Changes

Food no longer restores Health. The item card for most foods now display, "Restores Hunger".


Hunger primarily affects your ability to regenerate Health, the damage you deal with weapons, and the amount you can block with your shield. It takes about 2 in-game days to go from "Full" to "Starving". At high levels of hunger, your will begin to lose Vitality. To restore hunger, simply eat. All vanilla and DLC food is currently supported.

Eating the same food repeatedly in a short span of time will result in only receiving half of the food's ordinary Hunger benefit. To get the full amount of benefit for your food, try to eat a variety of different things. After eating a certain kind of food, you will receive its full benefit again in 30 in-game minutes. Since soups and stews contain a wide variety of ingredients, you will always receive their full benefit.

There are 6 stages of hunger:

* Full
* Content
(You start the game at this stage)
* Hungry
* Very Hungry
* Ravenous
* Starving

Regenerating Health increases your hunger at a faster rate. You will see the Hunger meter appear if your Health is below 100%.

Extremely high levels of Hunger, while harmful to your health regeneration and attack performance, will not kill you.

Thematically, Hunger in Last Seed represents how hungry you *feel*, not how hungry you *are*. Your actual health is represented by Vitality, below.


A measure of your overall wellness. Represented by a meter in the upper left of the screen. The white line on the meter indicates the current Vitality target that your Vitality will reach if nothing changes. If it is above your current level (shown below), you are getting healthier over time. If it is below your current meter level, you are getting worse. (This works similarly to Frostfall's exposure and target exposure system, and should feel familar to those users.)

You will go up or down about 1 Vitality stage per 24 hours in-game. You recover Vitality much faster when sleeping. There are 8 stages:

* Peak Condition
* Vigorous
* Very Healthy
* Healthy
(You start the game at this stage)
* Drained
* Weakened
* Ruined
* Dying

The impacts of low Vitality are decreased effectiveness of all skills, as well as reduced movement and attack speed. At high levels of Vitality, all skills become more effective.

Unlike other needs, Vitality increases and decreases over time, not suddenly. If you are hungry, you won't be able to get to the maximum Vitality level. If you are Ravenous or Starving, you could drop to very low levels of Vitality.

The fastest way to restore your Vitality is to make sure you're full (or at least not hungry), and then get some sleep. Your Vitality restores very quickly while sleeping.

The only way to reach the highest stages of Vitality (Vigorous and Peak Condition) is to actually play the game. You cannot reach these stages solely by waiting or sleeping.

If Vitality reaches 0, you will die.


If you are in a dangerous interior area, such as a dungeon, you will become Focused. While focused, your needs (currently just Hunger) will not increase. However, when you leave the area, the changes that would have occurred to your needs will happen all at once. So, you may become very hungry when you leave a dungeon.

This mechanic was put in place so that you wouldn't have to worry about being pestered with needs management while on a dungeon crawl. Please let me know how you feel about this.

Your Vitality will not suddenly increase or decrease after losing Focus; Vitality is completely suspended while Focused. If you take the time to eat (and eventually drink and rest) following a dungeon crawl, your Vitality should remain stable.

Unbound Intensity

This is kind of an experimental feature; feedback welcome!

By using this power, you will take 30 points of Vitality damage, in exchange for becoming super-humanly powerful for 10 seconds. Deal much more damage, take less damage, slow time, attack faster, and ignore all negative effects of wellness. Basically, go nuts. Trade your longer-term health for short-term power.

Well Being

A power you can use to check your current needs; nothing more.

Food Spoilage

The first pass of food spoilage is implemented and working. All vanilla and DLC foods will decay into a set of "old" / "moldy" / "stale" versions. These will then decay into an inedible "Decayed Food" item. Currently these foods don't have much use. Their uses and effects (such as food poisoning) will be expanded upon later.

Basic Frostfall Compatibility

If Frostfall is installed and enabled, Exposure will also impact your Vitality. This is very basic support for now and will become more robust in the future.

Read-Only Mod Configuration Menu

A Mod Configuration Menu is in place, but it is currently read-only. I haven't spent enough cycles testing and developing to make sure that all of the things that you'd expect to be able to turn on and off actually work. These options will become available soon.

What's Not Included
* Broad compatibility with mod-added food (high priority for next release)
* Thirst
* Fatigue
* Food Portioning
* Follower Needs
* Disease Overhaul
* Effects of Alcohol
* Gathering Water
* Functional MCM
* Werewolf and Vampire Functionality
* Intended Mod Compatibility (CACO, etc)

These, and other, intended features will be coming soon.


* "Is CACO compatible with Last Seed Prologue?" Not completely. A lot of active development is going toward this right now.

* "Is X Other Mod compatible with Last Seed Prologue?" I don't know. Probably? Try it and see. Compatibility is not my main focus right now.

* "Can I install Last Seed Prologue at any time?" Yes. You don't need to create a new game.

* "Will the Prologue become Last Seed Release without a need to start over?" Possibly. I don't know yet. Depends on how development goes. It's possible a breaking change could be introduced and your Prologue save game might be trashed. Do not discount this possibility. Back up your save games, please.

* "When will X feature be added? What are you working on next?" I don't know. When it's done it's done.

* "Will you support Skyrim Special Edition? Without SKSE and SkyUI?" Yes, yes, and yes. Just not right now. The mod is being built architecturally now with this support in mind.

"Why would I use this when another needs mod has everything I want / is finished?" You are looking at an unfinished work-in-progress. You have the opportunity to make your thoughts known, and steer this mod in the direction that you would like to see. I'm giving you a window into my development process, and a voice in the mod's development. If you see that as an opportunity, and are OK with providing feedback and bug reports, you are in the right place. If you are looking for a completely finished, out of the box experience, this is not the mod for you. Please seek out one of the many other primary needs mods that are already well-known and high quality (iNeed, Realistic Needs and Diseases, etc).

"Why develop this when there are already other needs mods?" There are many ways of approaching the same ideas, designs, and goals. I have my own ideas, designs, and goals, and would like to create them. I do it because I enjoy the creative process.

Final Thoughts

A huge, huge shout-out to Kryptopyr, FadingSignal, and Schlangster, without whom this mod would have never gotten to where it is today.

Credit to FadingSignal for some spoiled and rotten food meshes and textures.
Credit to the SkyUI Team for use of their meter widgets, used and modified with permission.

Enjoy and have fun! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.