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Jack and Anti, because why the hell not
Now with Satyr version

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Jack and Anti, because why the hell not
Now with Satyr version


Place the 0_Jacksepticeye.jslot and/or 0_Antisepticeye  file in your Presets folder - G:\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\CharGen\Presets
The Preset should now be available in the Racemenu Preset section under the name 0_Jacksepticeye/
Race is Breton


True Brows - Eyebrows that stay dark when using brightly coloured hair - This mod appears to have been taken down so if you've already got it installed, great. If not, you can always try manually darkening vanilla eyebrows in a program called but again this will affect npcs too. 

Ks Hairdos - Renewal and Multi coloured Hairdos  - Monochrome Retexture - This makes it a lot easier to make hair green and there are a few styles that are quite fitting

Skyrim - Glowing Eyes v4 - Antis eyes come from this and I've included some new retextures along with his preset, just make sure to Install Glowing Eyes V4 first and then Anti. Many thanks to Dumle35 for letting me upload my retexture. The retextures are only included with Antis file.

Racemenu -  to load the preset

Beards - must use this for the optional beard texture edit included with the main files - This allows you to have green hair without making your beard green, this will affect NPCS and quite a few beard types! Create a copy of the old file included with beards and keep it somewhere safe so you can always revert if you don't like the change.

High quality eyes - For the optional blue eye texture with large pupils - Full credits to Xenius as all I did was edit it slightly

The Satyr  - for use with the optional Satyr Version

Recommended mods -

Weathered and Worn Warpaints

Facial Piercings

Pierced Ears - Earrings

You can use this for screenshots, videos, whatever you want really but please refrain from doing anything pornographic and NSFW, remember that Jacksepticeye / Seán McLoughlin is a real person who has made it clear that he does not approve of that form of content.