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A consolidation of my mods with many improvements and additions.

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Attention: This mod is no longer being supported or updated.

This mod has been uploaded by "The Care Taker" at the request of its owner. The Care Taker account is run by Nexus Mods for the purpose of hosting mods created by authors who are no longer active in the community.

If you are a mod author and would like to learn more about this service or have questions, you can find details regarding The Care Taker HERE.

Happy modding!

I am considering the latest release of this as final and won't be offering support or making future updates to this mod.

Compatible with Enderal

What Is This?

How is this different from Utopium's Utility Pack? Well that is literally just a merged ESP which is otherwise just a bunch of separate mods that are independent of each other. This on the other hand combines everything together so that code can be shared among different mods and a single MCM menu can be used to configure a multitude of features. Every time I created a new mod I found it rather annoying that I would end up having to start from scratch again and sometimes copy code from earlier mods which made things messy and sometimes difficult to manage changes. I decided to put together a common framework that would pool resources and make it a lot easier to add new features without reinventing the wheel. With this framework in place I then rewrote all the functionality for the mods I find useful in my own game and combined them into this single mod. Because of this I was able to make improvements to some of my existing mods. There are even a few new features that were never mods I published before.

IF YOU USE ANY OF MY EXISTING MODS, YOU MUST UNINSTALL THEM BEFORE USING THIS! When I say that I don't mean simply unchecking the ESP in your load order. You need to completely remove all of the files from your system. Many of my mods have SKSE plugins that manipulate memory and code in Skyrim and if they try to manipulate the same things as this does then your game will likely crash or break in some other way. There is no point in keeping those old mods anyway as this makes improvements that those mods don't have.

Almost everything is now contained under a single MCM menu named Utopium's Utilities with the exception of Get Over Here and Suit Up having their own MCM menus due to the fact they have multiple pages of their own. There is a general settings page for features that only have a couple simple settings while other features have their own pages in the menu. I recommend using MCM Custom Order to move this higher in your MCM menu list to make it more easily accessible.

This mod contains features that I find useful for MY game. Because of that it does not include the functionality of a few mods that I created but ended up never really using. Sorry to say I will simply ignore people who ask me to add features I will never use myself or report a bug caused by some other obscure mod that I also never use. I won't be bringing any improvements I have made in this back to the original mods either as it would be a real pain to do without the common framework available in this.

The following is a description of the features available and any differences there might be from the original versions of the mods.

Better Free Camera

I have always found it annoying that you would have to bring up the console in order to toggle free camera mode and adjust the speed. I looked for any existing mods that might allow it to be easily mapped to a single key but the couple I found didn't seem to work so well. I decided to put together my own little mod to perform this simple task.


  • Toggle free camera mode and adjust the speed using a single keypress.
  • Toggle the HUD on and off.
  • Adjust the field of view.
  • Adjust the time multiplier to slow down or speed up the action.
  • Take screenshots with ability to temporarily toggle the HUD off the moment the screenshot is taken.
  • Screenshots can output to PNG, JPG, and BMP formats.
  • Toggle clipping mode to move through solid objects.
  • Toggle animcam for third person camera mode.
  • Hotkey to "Become Unstuck" when exiting free camera mode in certain situations causes problems in the game.

This mainly deals with free camera controls. If you are interested in configuring other camera modes you should consider using Customizable Camera.

Known Issues

  • Screenshots only work in windowed mode. You will need to set ForceBorderless and ForceBorderlessFullscreen to true in your enblocal.ini for a windowed full screen mode.
  • The time multiplier will be reset to 1.0 after using a bow. Skyrim does this because it slows down time for the Steady Hand perk and then sets it back to normal. This happens even if your character does not have the Steady Hand perk.
  • Equipping clothes/armor/weapons may not make any visible changes in free camera mode. This is a limitation of the Skyrim engine, but the problem goes away when you exit free camera mode.
  • Any issues you have when using the tfc console command will most likely happen with this mod as well since it does the same thing except with easy to use hotkeys instead of console commands. The Become Unstuck hotkey is available to try and get out of situations where you character gets stuck after using free camera mode, but it is not guaranteed to work all of the time.

Incompatible Mods

Play Random Idle - Will force you out of free camera mode and break your controls.

Continue Game No Crash

If you play Skyrim with lots of mods you probably experience regular crashing when loading a save game from the main menu. Originally the only ways to get around this reliably were the following methods:

  • Open the console and enter the command "coc qasmoke" to move into the qasmoke cell and manually load a save game there.
  • Keep around a save game that has been saved at a "safe" location that you load first and then manually load your desired save game after the safe one has been loaded.
  • Use an alternate start mod to quickly start a new game and then load a save game after the new game has started.

All of these methods are rather cumbersome and time consuming when all you want to do is jump back into the last point you saved your game at. This makes some tweaks so that when you click on CONTINUE or LOAD in the main menu it will load your save game in an alternative manner that should prevent crashing when loading save games without the complexity of those other methods.

This is not guaranteed to work 100% of the time as it is trying to work around bugs that exist in Skyrim. If this does not work for you then there are likely other mods causing problems that you will need to take some time to diagnose. It is difficult to make this work for every computer with every possible combination of mods.

I highly recommend you try using Crash Fixes as it contains various fixes to prevent crashing that this does not work around. You may also want to follow the Stability Performance Optimization ENB Configuration guide to try and resolve any stability issues you may have.

What Is Different?

The functionality is the same, but there is a checkbox in the general settings page to enable or disable this which is independent of the save game. By default it is enabled, but people who do not experience crashing when loading saves and don't like the initial double loading effect can disable this.

Delete Items

Quickly remove any item from your inventory. This can come in handy to get rid of quest items that won't go away even after the quest has been completed, or when your followers might just pick up items and give them back to you when you drop something you don't want anymore. I actually recommend Immersive Trashcans as an alternative to this, but if you want to remove quest items or simply don't want to search for a trash can to dump unwanted items in you can use this instead. If you have a container in your crosshair it will delete items from that rather than your own inventory.

Don't Push Me While I'm Talking

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone when suddenly another NPC decided to be rude and push you away rather than walk around you? This can be rather distracting, especially if the other NPC gets a good hold on you and pushes you far away from the person you are speaking to. This will toggle clipping mode for your character while you are speaking to someone so that you will no longer get pushed around.

What Is Different?

While the general concept of toggling clipping mode when speaking to someone is the same, the way it is triggered is different due to the new framework and shared code in this. Some people have mentioned problems for certain scenarios that I never got around to investigating so it is possible this new trigger mechanism fixes those problems. I can't say for sure though if it makes a difference.

Duplicate Names

When you have a lot of mods in your game you may end up with multiple items that have the same name but are in fact a bit different from each other. It can be confusing to see multiple sets of "Iron Armor" in your inventory because of this. Clicking this button will scan for duplicate names and rename them with numbers at the end so now you will see "Iron Armor 1", "Iron Armor 2", etc.

Get Over Here

Have you ever had a follower fall behind because they couldn't navigate some steep terrain? Have you ever seen an NPC get stuck somewhere because of a bad navmesh in a town mod? Are you looking for an alternative way to keep track of multiple followers? In order to deal with these problems you would have to bring up the console and figure out how to get an NPC selected in order to perform a "moveto player" command to get them to your position. This simplifies that by mapping the same functionality to hotkeys and allowing you to manage multiple NPCs at the same time. You can even search for NPCs by name if you don't know where to find them.

There is an MCM menu that will allow you to configure the hotkeys and see a list of NPCs that are currently managed. The hotkeys are as follows:

  • Add/Remove NPC
  • Cycle Current NPC
  • Cycle Current Profile
  • Get Over Here! (Current NPC)
  • Get Over Here! (All NPCs)
  • I'll Go There! (Current NPC)
  • Resurrect NPC in Crosshair

To start managing an NPC, simply select them with your crosshair and press the "Add/Remove NPC" hotkey. This will make them managed by Get Over Here. You can cycle the currently selected NPC which you can then transport to your current location with a single press of a hotkey. You can also transport all of your currently managed NPCs at once with a separate hotkey. You can remove NPCs from the managed list by pressing the "Add/Remove NPC" hotkey again with them in your crosshair or use the MCM menu to remove them if they are not nearby. There is even a hotkey to resurrect an NPC if you discover they died while wandering around Skyrim. There is a profile system available that will let you add NPCs to a specific profile so you can transport different groups of NPCs. The current profile can be selected in the MCM meu or through the cycle current profile hotkey.

The MCM menu has an option to search for NPCs by name if they are not currently managed and you don't know where they are. Usually this would need to be done by opening the console and entering "save <name> 1" and wait for the text file to open which you would have to search to get the reference ID and then enter that into another console command to locate them in Skyrim. That can be a rather complicated process. The search function simplifies this by allowing you to enter the name of the NPC and it will return a list of all NPCs in Skyrim that match that name without ever needing to go into the console.

What Is Different?

The search function now returns all potential matches rather than the first NPC it finds. Because of this there is now a separate page to display search results. Clicking on NPC names will now also provide options to bring them to you or go to them from directly inside the menu. The number of profiles is configurable so if you only need two then when you press the hotkey to toggle profiles you won't have to press it more than you need to.

Horsing Around

This will allow you to zoom in closer to your character while riding a horse. It will also disable the forced perspective change that happens when your draw/sheathe your weapon on a horse. You can make some adjustments to the camera position in the menu.

Incompatible Mods

Skyrim Reloaded - Performs code injection that will interfere with horse riding behavior.

Inventory Stats

This is just a page that will display the overall weight and value of items in your inventory by category. While SkyUI does show some helpful information such as value/weight ratio, you may not realize that all of those ingredients you have been gathering have been weighing you down and could be sold off for a lot of money. If you have a lot of items in your inventory this may be a little slow to calculate and display the totals when you open the page. The calculations are only done when the page is opened so that there isn't a need to have actively running scripts tracking inventory that could impact game performance.

Let Me Pass

Every once in a while you might find that an NPC is blocking a doorway and there is no way to easily get past them unless they decide to move on their own or you use a convoluted method to get past. This mod will move them out of the way for you in an easy manner. There are similar mods that do this through spells or other items, but it can be a nuisance to have to go and equip a spell for those rare occasions when an NPC is blocking your way. All you need to do with this is push against the NPC for a moment and they will be moved out of the way automatically.

Location Info

This is simply a page that will display some information about your current location. This can come in handy when trying to configure conditions for Suit Up.

Long Conversations

This will change the timescale when you are talking to an NPC so that time moves slower during the conversation. If you happen to have a long conversation then you don't have to worry about losing a whole day talking with someone. You can configure the timescale you want to use during a conversation. Set the timescale to zero to disable this. Careful when using this as setting timescales to a really low number can break quest behavior.

Managed Disabler

Ever come across an NPC that is rather annoying that you want to disable? This can be easily done in the console by clicking on them and entering the "disable" command, but if that NPC is required for a quest later on you may find it difficult to figure out their reference ID to enable them again. This will allow you to disable many types of objects in your crosshair that can be enabled again later by simply clicking in the name saved in the menu page.

Mark Books Unread

After reading a couple pages of a book you just picked up you may realize that it is a little bit long and you want to save it for reading later. Because you opened the book though the status has been changed to read in your inventory so you may forget about needing to read it. This will let you change the status of any book in your inventory.

MCM Custom Order

When you have a heavily modded game with lots of MCM menus it can be rather annoying if certain menus you access frequently happen to have names that start with letters near the end of the alphabet. It would be much more convenient if you could control the order that MCM menus are displayed rather than have everything always sorted in alphabetical order. This will allow you to choose what order MCM menus are displayed so that you can place your most frequently accessed menus at the top of the list.

To use this simply open the page for MCM Custom Order and you will be presented with a list of all the MCM menus available. Click on a name and you can choose to send it to the top or bottom of the list. When you are satisfied with the order of the menus, simply click the apply button at the top. The next time you visit the MCM menu area the menus will be listed in the order you have chosen.

Depending on how heavily scripted your game is the refreshing of menus in SkyUI might take a while, so if some menus appear to be missing just wait a little bit and come back later for them to be displayed again. If some menus are still missing after waiting a few minutes, reload your last save and try again. Some mods have unusual ways that they handle MCM menus that may not behave well when they are refreshed by SkyUI. If you still have problems after trying to reload a save and apply the custom order again you may not be able to use MCM Custom Order with that mod. The only way for that mod to work is for the mod author to fix how they handle MCM menus.

Move Container Contents

Are you changing player homes but have a lot of stuff you want to move? With this you can mark containers that will be saved in the menu page that can then have the contents transferred to a different container. Simply put the container you want to move the contents of in your crosshair and use the menu to add it. You can assign a custom name so you know what kinds of items are being transferred. When you are at the container you want to move items into make sure your crosshair is over it and in the menu page select the source container to transfer the items.

Notification Log

Have you ever been in the heat of battle when a notification for an unrelated quest pops up in the corner of your screen but you didn't see what it says because you were concentrating on the enemy in the center of your screen? If you missed what it said then there was no way to see it again. This will keep a log of notifications that you can see a history of in the MCM menu in case you need to take another look. For long messages that don't fit inside the list displayed, simply click on the entry to see the full message in a message box. This will only keep the most recent 128 messages so you don't have to worry about this taking up a lot of memory if you play for a long time.

Put On Some Clothes

In a heavily modded Skyrim you might find that a few NPCs are walking around naked even though they have perfectly good clothes in their inventory due to some weird mod conflict or a script bug. You may not mind this when it is someone like Ysolda, but when it is an old beggar roaming the streets you might prefer they put their clothes back on. Because the beggar is not a follower you would have to go through a little bit of a complicated process to force their clothes back on. This mod is meant to simplify that process.

To use this simply target the NPC in your crosshairs and open up the MCM menu. On the right side just click the dress option under the name of the NPC and they will be dressed with whatever clothes are in their inventory which should stay equipped. If you wish to customize the outfit for an NPC there is a button to open their inventory to trade items which will then be equipped when the inventory menu is closed.

What Is Different?

The option to automatically dress all NPCs has been removed. It could be script heavy and also could break some quest behaviors. After my experience with Suit Up I figured out a better way to make clothes stay on without the need to track NPCs. I also added the ability to open an NPC inventory so you can assign new clothes if you wants something other than the default rags added to them when they have nothing to wear.

Quick Deposit

After a long day of exploring Dwemer ruins or hunting on the plains of Whiterun you may end up coming home full of loot that you want to dump into a chest to be sorted out later. This can be a rather tedious process if you have a lot of things to unload since it can take a while clicking each individual item to remove. There are some player home mods that have containers to simplify this process for you, but you may prefer to use a different home for your character that does not have that capability. This mod will allow you to quickly deposit items into any container in Skyrim by simply pressing a hotkey.

To use this you first need to configure a hotkey in the MCM menu. Once you have chosen a hotkey, simply target the crosshair over the container you wish to deposit items into and press the hotkey. You will be presented a menu of options of what to deposit. You can choose different categories of items, choose to deposit everything you have, or deposit a custom selection of item types. The custom item types can be configured in the MCM menu along with a few other options such as whether or not to deposit equipped items or items with no weight. There is also a quick withdraw hotkey so you can grab items of a particular type such as getting all your ingredients to make potions with.

This will work with the placeable containers from Tentapalooza and Hearth Craft, but other mods based on Campfire with placeable containers will not work. Special containers in player home mods that perform their own sorting may not work with this mod either. The item types deposited are determined using form types and keywords instead of form lists so items added by other mods should work with this.

What Is Different?

You can configure items that can be ignored so they will not be removed from your inventory. This can be useful for quest items such as Meridia's Beacon which is classified as a gem. Actually it can be quite amusing as every time you add Meridia's Beacon back to your inventory she will say something different. After a while this can get annoying though which is why I added the option to ignore items. You can also configure a "quick container" which can be used as a designated container to tranfer items to or from if there is nothing in your crosshair. Useful for people who might like to cheat a little by transferring loot found in a dungeon to a container in a player home when they have too much to carry.

Rename Items

While Jaxonz Renamer is a great tool, I wanted something simple to rename inventory items. The name you change an item to will be applied to all items of that type, so if you decide to rename "Iron Boots" to "Fluffy Bunny Slippers" then all "Iron Boots" you come across in the game will be displayed as "Fluffy Bunny Slippers". The changes are only retained in your save game so it won't affect any item names permanently on different playthroughs. If you have a container in your crosshair it will display items from that rather than your own inventory.

Slow Motion Death

Watch your death in slow motion. You can configure the time multiplier used in the menu. By default it is set to 1.0 which means there won't be any change.

Stop Combat

A simple button to try and stop combat for all NPCs around you. This may come in handy on occasions such as when you shoot an arrow at a deer that runs away but your follower still wants to chase after it when you don't. This isn't guaranteed to always work and sometimes NPCs may start combat again right after sheathing their weapon, but it can still help at times.

Suit Up

This mod will allow you to configure sets of clothes and armor that will be automatically equipped on your character or any other NPC you choose based on the state of your surroundings. There are a couple other mods that perform similar functionality, but I wanted something that I could configure for my needs and handle scenarios that other mods don't. This will change what is being worn based on the following conditions:

  • Location type
  • Indoors/Outdoors
  • Current weather
  • Time of day
  • In/Out of combat
  • Swimming/Sitting/Sleeping

To configure your own player character, make sure there isn't another NPC in your crosshairs and go into the MCM menu. In there you can configure the various conditions you want for different sets of clothes and armor. There are up to twelve different sets you can configure in addition to a default set when none of the configured conditions apply. Each set can have up to five outfits to choose from at random when the conditions are met. The evaluation system goes by which conditions match first so if set #1 matches all the configured conditions then the rest will be skipped which is something you will need to be mindful of if it doesn't appear that the set you configured is working. You can also configure items you wish to be ignored so if you have a particular enchanted ring you want to always wear you can prevent it from being removed. If you don't configure a default set this will try to remember the last thing you were wearing before switching to one of the other configured sets.

To configure another NPC, make sure your crosshair is over them when you enter the MCM menu. The default set will be initialized with what the NPC is currently wearing but you can choose to change this at any time. There is a section to remove NPCs from being managed without needing to have them in your crosshair if the NPC is not currently nearby.

If you want to configure a large number of sets for different conditions you may not want to carry those items around all of the time since it would add a lot of weight. You can configure a container in which to store items which are not currently equipped. Simply target the container you want to use and go into the MCM menu to select it. Once you have configured the items you want for certain conditions you can place them in the container and they will be added or removed based on whether they are needed or not. Be careful when using this option as you may accidentally become over encumbered if you happen to be wearing light clothes and then automatically switch to heavy armor which puts you over your maximum carry weight.

What Is Different?

Similar to how Suit Up was a significant overhaul of Smart Equip there were a lot of changes made in order to make it easier to add new features and take advantage of code shared with other mods such as the inventory handling of Quick Deposit. The new data structures under the hood now make it possible to easily add options to move sets around to change the priority and move settings from one character to another. There are now options to configure containers for individual characters in addition to a shared container to make inventory management a little easier. I also added an option to switch outfits on a cell change under the same set conditions for people who like to see a little more variety in the same area.


You can feel free to make translations, upload this to other sites, and generally share this with anyone you like without asking for permission so long as you don't try and make any money from this mod. I only ask that you make sure to give me credit for this work. You do not have permission to port this to Special Edition as this relies heavily on SKSE and I don't want to deal with complaints people may make about this not working due to the differences between the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of SKSE that someone else did not compensate for. You also do not have permission to use any part of this mod in your own mods without asking for permission first.