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Allows the crafting and conversion of numerous objects in fun and lore-friendly ways.

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Extra Crafty is a mod to allow players the opportunity to craft additional items to enhance their gameplay experience. Originally, I wanted to fill in what I felt were some gaps in the base game, but then it became more. Convertible soul gems, craftable Lockpicks, and the like were the starting inspiration. After adding those concepts, however, I began to think of things like craftable spell tomes, augment-able gear, and even completely new play-styles.

For these first few versions, I've tried to cover a bit of each of the "color-styles" (Mage, Thief, Warrior). Some are more represented than others, but I'm hoping to be able to flesh them all out more over time. Any ideas or requests would be greatly appreciated. While I might not be able to justify every concept, I'll certainly make an effort to see this expanded based on the wants and needs of the Skyrim community; after all, if you're reading this then you're probably one of the long-haul players that deserves new content the most. ;)

I've also listed out all of the features included in the mod beginning with the "Tools" section below. Enjoy!



Given that Extra Crafty mostly just adds new recipes and items, it should be compatible with nearly everything. Some specific considerations are mentioned below.

  • Simple Crafts — This mod will allow you to craft many of the materials that would normally need to be found or stolen in order to craft certain Extra Crafty items.
  • Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul (CACO) — CACO will require turning on the setting in its MCM to allow you to recombine portions (only needed for Salt Piles currently).



These are the new tools added by Extra Crafty. These are required to make some of the new items added by this mod, and may also have some benefit to provide on their own.

Crafty Tool
Crafted at a Forge/Anvil

  • 1 Woodcutter's Axe
  • 1 Pickaxe
  • 1 Corundum Ingot
  • 2 Steel Ingots
  • 3 Leather Strips

This lightweight (3) multi-tool will allow you to mine ore, chop wood, and craft and augment many new items. It is also capable of breaking certain items into other useful items.

Aetherius Gloves
Crafted at a Forge/Anvil with 30+ Enchanting

  • 1 Moonstone Ingot
  • 1 Common Soul Gem (Filled)
  • 1 Linen Wrap
  • 1 Powdered Mammoth Tusk
  • 2 Inkwells

The Aetherius Gloves are a vital component of creating and manipulating Aether Dust and Aether Crystals. Wearing them enables the creation of various magical objects, and the conversion of Soul Gems.

Golden Quill
Crafted at a Forge/Anvil with Crafty Tool

  • 1 Quill
  • 1 Inkwell
  • 200 Septims

The Golden Quill opens up an entirely new way to play. Forge documents to run scams on shops, infiltrate enemy strongholds, or maybe even get away with murder...



These are items that can be made for use as other ingredients in Extra Crafty; both base-game and mod-added items.

Mysterious Tome
Crafted at a Forge/Anvil with Aetherius Gloves, Golden Quill

  • 1 Ruined Book
  • 3 Aether Dust

While not much to look at on its own, the Mysterious Tome can be somewhat 'deciphered' into three new spell tomes added by Extra Crafty.

Blank Note (4)
Crafted at a Cooking Pot

  • 1 Ruined Book
  • 1 Bone Meal

The Blank Note is the base material in Extra Crafty's forgery system. You'll want a lot of these.

Powdered Mammoth Tusk (8)
Crafted at a Forge/Anvil with Crafty Tool

  • 1 Mammoth Tusk

Grind Mammoth Tusks to dust at an anvil. Extra Crafty uses Powdered Mammoth Tusk for some recipes.

Charcoal Sticks (2)
Crafted at a Forge/Anvil with Crafty Tool

  • 1 Charcoal

Split Charcoal into sticks at an anvil. Extra Crafty uses Charcoal Sticks in some forgery recipes.


Soul Gems and Aether Crystals

Extra Crafty allows you to turn empty Soul Gems into an equivocal commodity called Aether Dust. It can be used to craft Soul Gems or vice-versa at no loss in value. Aether Dust is also used in various other magical recipes and spells in Extra Crafty.

Empty Soul Gems
Crafted at a Forge/Anvil with Aetherius Gloves

  • 1 Filled Soul Gem (any size)

Dropping a partially filled soul gem is the game's built-in way to empty the gem. Now you can smack a fully filled soul gem with a hammer to empty those as well.

Aether Dust <-> Empty Soul Gem Conversion
Crafted at a Smelter

  • Aether Dust (3) <- Aether Crystal *
  • Aether Dust (3) <-> Petty Soul Gem
  • Aether Dust (6) <-> Lesser Soul Gem
  • Aether Dust (12) <-> Common Soul Gem
  • Aether Dust (24) <-> Greater Soul Gem
  • Aether Dust (32) <-> Grand Soul Gem
  • Aether Dust (32) <-> Black Soul Gem *

Convert between empty Soul Gems and Aether Dust at a smelter with no loss. Black Soul Gems can only be created at night (between 8pm and 6am). Aether Crystals can also be broken down into Aether Dust, but must be created with the spell referenced below.


Books and Spells

Extra Crafty adds a few new spells to help magically-inclined players make use of some of the new items and features added by the mod. These spell tomes can be crafted from 1 Mysterious Tome at a Forge/Anvil.

Create Aether Crystal (Spell)
Cast with Aetherius Gloves

  • 3 Aether Dust
  • 100 Magicka

Channeling this spell will generate an Aether Crystal every three seconds as long as you have the required ingredients.

Create Spell Tome (Cast Lesser Power)
Cast with Aetherius Gloves, Golden Quill

  • 3 Aether Crystals
  • 1 Mysterious Tome

Unravel the mysteries of Aetherius on your own terms by creating random spell tomes. The higher your character's level, the better spells that can be granted.

Magicka Coffers (Toggled Lesser Power)
Channeling this spell will generate an Aether Crystal every three seconds as long as you have the required ingredients.


Forgery (Scrolls)

The new forgery system added by Extra Crafty lets you use deception in new, awesome ways. Craft up a Golden Quill and get ready to bamboozle Skyrim's pants off.

Forged Item Deed
Crafted at a Forge/Anvil with Golden Quill

  • 1 Blank Note
  • 1 Charcoal Stick
  • 1 Inkwell

A new way to be a thief in Skyrim. Become a grifter. By using this scroll on an item, you'll have the option to attempt to scam people out of their goods. The possibilities are endless! As are the consequences of failure. Your scam's success depends on many factors, but probably the most important is your Speechcraft skill. Other factors are certainly important, but you can figure those out on your own over time. Just know that you will have a much higher chance of avoiding jail-time if you know what you're doing. Two numbers will show after your scam attempt. One is your skill in the con; the other is a random roll that must come in under that skill. Good luck!

Forged Evidence of Betrayal (3)
Crafted at a Forge/Anvil with Golden Quill

  • 3 Blank Notes
  • 1 Inkwell
  • 90 Septims

Frame bandits and forsworn for the betrayal of their gang or tribe. While they may not be friendly to you for this, their cohorts won't be so friendly to them either.

Forged Evidence of Treason (3)
Crafted at a Forge/Anvil with Golden Quill

  • 3 Blank Notes
  • 1 Inkwell
  • 150 Septims

Frame guards for treason against their Jarl. Their career (and most likely life) is most certainly over.

Forged Grimy Note
Crafted at a Forge/Anvil with Golden Quill

  • 3 Blank Notes
  • 1 Inkwell
  • 1 Charcoal

Use this scroll on yourself to convince bandits that you're one of the gang. Lasts three minutes.

Forged Hagraven's Scratches
Crafted at a Forge/Anvil with Golden Quill

  • 3 Blank Notes
  • 1 Inkwell
  • 1 Hagraven Claw
  • 1 Hagraven Feathers

Use this scroll on yourself to convince the forsworn that you come to them with a Hagraven's blessings. Lasts three minutes.

Forged Bloody Invitation
Crafted at a Forge/Anvil with Golden Quill

  • 3 Blank Notes
  • 1 Inkwell
  • 1 Raw Beef
  • 1 Raw Venison

Use this scroll on yourself to convince vampires that you're friend; not food. Lasts three minutes.


Gear and Utilities

Extra Crafty aims to helps players get the most out of their individual play-style by adding new crafting recipes for items that need them, and also by adding new items altogether. Some are re-purposing of base-game items, and some are augments that the player can add to their existing equipment.

Packrat Armor Set
Crafted at a Tanning Rack with Crafty Tool

  • Thieves Guild armor piece (unenchanted)
  • 1~4 Leather
  • 5~20 Leather Strips

Convert the standard, unenchanted version of the Thieves Guild Armor (dropped from terrible thieves) into a new armor set that increases carry capacity and movement speed. Wearing all four pieces of the set will increase your carry capacity by 200 and your movement speed by 8%.

Padded Boots
Crafted at a Tanning Rack with Crafty Tool

  • 1 Light Boots (Fur, Hide, Leather, Elven, Glass, Dragonscale)
  • 1 Leather
  • 1 Leather Strips
  • 3 Tundra Cotton

Light Boots can be augmented to provide a more muffled step with just some basic materials.

Bladed Gauntlets
Crafted at a Forge/Anvil with Crafty Tool

  • 1 Heavy Gauntlets (Iron, Steel, Plate, Dwarven, Orcish, Ebony, Dragonbone, and Daedric)
  • 1 Leather Strips
  • 2 Ingots (matching material)

Heavy Gauntlets can be augmented to provide a bleeding effect to enemies that dare to enter melee range with their wearer. The damage per second and duration of the effect increases with the material type of the gauntlets.

Whetstone (50)
Crafted at a Forge/Anvil with Crafty Tool

  • 3 Ore or 1 Dragonbone
  • 1 Charcoal

Whetstones are essentially poison made from various ores (Iron, Corundum, Orichalcum, Ebony, Dragonbone) and charcoal. A whetstone makes 50 charges when crafted (50 separate items that weigh 0.02 [1/50]; you can carry as much as you want). They deal direct damage and apply a bleed to the victim of your next swing or shot. Their damage and duration increase with the quality of the material chosen.

Lockpicks (5/15)
Crafted at a Forge/Anvil with 20+/30+ Lockpicking, Crafty Tool

  • 1 Iron/Steel Ingot

Create lockpicks, and create them more efficiently based on your Lockpicking skill.

Dragonborn Goulash (2)
Crafted at a Cooking Pot

  • 2 Raw Beef
  • 1 Gourd
  • 3 Tomatoes
  • 5 Leeks
  • 2 Garlic
  • 1 Salt Pile
  • 1 Elves Ear

A meal fit for a Dragonborn. This goulash will greatly increase your health regeneration and movement speed for 6 hours!