Farm Overseer's House Blackreach Playerhome by FarrinRacer
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Added: 19/05/2017 - 11:25PM
Updated: 30/09/2017 - 03:03AM

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Last updated at 3:03, 30 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 23:25, 19 May 2017

This mod makes a small playerhome out of the Farm Overseer's House in Blackreach. The location is safe, there are no enemies and it's just next to the Tower of Mzark where the Elder Scroll is being kept. So the travel to Skyrim does not take too much time, once you got the Elder Scroll. Any other mods that change the Farm Overseer's House will likely conflict with this mod. Inside there is a cooking pot, alchemy table, arcane enchanter, a plaque for two weapons and a shield in one, a Shrine of Auriel, a small interactive bookshelf (under the shelf with the shrine), several safe storages and four plantable soils. There are several activity markers for followers, but the doublebed is not usable by them, so they can't sleep on it. It's Bethesda's doing and unfortunately I can't fix that. FOLLOWERS CAN USE THE BED IN VERSION2. The player can lay down to the middle of the bed, there is a visible marker, however one has to search a bit for it. The decorations are static. Outside I placed many farming markers next to the mushrooms for followers, there are eight additional planter soils, a bench, and a hay bale with an invisible chairmarker for followers on it. Navmeshed inside and outside.

Requires Skyrim, Dawnguard DLC and Hearthfire DLC.

To bring your followers or spouse here use My home is your home mod from Volek, or Spouses Can Live Everywhere mod from Emma.

  - version 2 - fixed the bed, now followers can use it to sleep too, not just the player
Don't use the old versions.

Recommended mods:

-Kidmer from tesseractangular (adoptable elf children who can be followers too, I used the altmer little girl for the screenshots)
-Deep Elf Race - The True Dwemer from Hallgarth (I use this one, but you can use any other dwarven/dwemer playable race mod)
-Dwemer beards from Anuiel
-More plants add to Plantable Plant from moniokun (lets you plant nirnroot and crimson nirnroot as seen on the screenshots, but not literally everything is plantable, like in another planting mods)

My mod doesn't require any of the mentioned mods, it can function without them.