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NO DLC Required...

Credit and Thanks goes to Bethesda for creating Skyrim and allowing us the tools to Mod it.
Thanks goes to Nexus for hosting these wonderful Mods.
A Big Thank You for the Modders who have sacrificed there hardwork and time to
make Skyrim even Better...

Simple (Script-Free) Nightvision Power
great for any character...  Works great for Vampires, Khajiit, Orc, and Argonian, but Not sure about while in werewolf form...

Lesser Power Spell lasts about 30 seconds, unless you have abilities or perks that double that to 1 minute.

Living / Warm bodied Npc's show up orangish-yellow and Dead / Undead are kind of a bluish-purple.

Got really tired of running around in circles (tall grass) looking for the npc's bodies, I just killed, to loot them.

Tried other nightvision Mod's, but still had to cast Detect Dead spell to find Dead Bodies... 

Spell book is located in Dragonsreach, just through the main doors past the last pillar on the right, as you start to go up the steps...  See image page for exact location...

Works pretty good...  Made it to work at a good distance too.