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Thanks for getting Clara to hot files everyone ! <3

Born on the 31 of evening star in the year 180, Clara is 21 years old at the beginning of the events of Skyrim. 
Clara is a naive but kind woman who was born into the Noble Family "Goldspirit",  a rich family with much influence in High Rock, Clara is the youngest of 12 siblings, and the only daughter. 

As a child, Clara was spoiled by her rich father which has made Clara develop a taste for the finer things in life and an attraction to anything shiny or beautiful, the actual value of whatever that might be plays less of a role in her mind.

Clara's mother died shortly after Clara's birth due to long lasting health issues that had worsened during her difficult Labor and pregnancy. 
Her mothers delicate health and nature led her family to believe that Clara should be sheltered from the outside world, 
thus Clara grew up barely having seen anything outside of courts and noble mansions,
her only knowledge of the world outside her golden cage being books and stories told to her by her Brothers.

But that would all soon change.
In the middle of the night, Clara was spirited away to Solitude by her most beloved brother, Andre.

With no idea why she had been brought to Skyrim, what had happened to her family or who was sending people after her, Clara turns to a Stranger for help.

You can find Clara right outside Whiteruns gates!

I started this follower after having decided that I wanted to move away from voicing the typical girly and Cute Character, but since I quite like those kind of characters I wanted to make my own, to “get it all out of my system”.

That was almost a year ago now.

Since then I have dedicated a lot of time and frustration to learning creation kit, voicing Clara and writing her and her Dialogue. She is still not finished and more updates will come, but for now I can say that she is presentable.

Clara has over 400 lines of Dialogue, Im no proffesional in anyway, so dont expect a better Inigo or something.

Clara fights with a dagger in one hand. That's it. 
She isnt your companion to fight for you, rather she has paid you to fight for her. She of course "Assists" as best as she can but Clara isnt a seasoned adventurer... yet.
Clara uses light armor and the UNP body.

She will comment on the world around her, Answer some questions, hopefully make your life a little better and will ride her own horse when the player is mounted. She will at times refer to the Dragonborn as such, and will talk about Dragons as if they have returned even if the quest hasnt finished.
If you give Clara a gift, she will in return give you a potion or poison!

If you ever notice Clara commenting on things or quests that dont fit into location or your game status, Conditions are a bit weird so if she ever mentions something that makes no sense (fx: she talks about snow when its raining)  please do tell me about it!

This is Clara's Very first release (v.1), but I'm nowhere near done with her.

Future Plans look something like this:

  • Initial Release (v.1) ← Includes Horse riding support. Cloak adapts to weather and location, Gifting System.

  • Bug fixing and small Updates.
  • First Update (v.2) ← Additional Voice lines, Interaction with other follower, First quest. 

  • Bug fixing and small Updates.
  • "Final” Update (v.3) ← Final Quest, Marriage, Additional Voice lines, and Potentially DLC Support.

Please keep in mind this is my very first “Complicated” (script heavy) mod and half the time I have to ask friends and fellow modders for help, so things might develop diffrently or at a Slow Pace.

If you believe you could help in any sort of way (Patches, Ideas, Modding Support) do not hesitate to send me a PM!
Feel free to come talk to me on Twitter!

- Whistle sound effect by Mike Koenig (Link to Liscence: , ) Get-)Attention.html)
- - lefttounge / Gregory Thomas., for helping out with writing, check out his blog here -->
- Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky for the "ivory" hairstyle
- Mrs.Alenko on tumblr for the Body and Face texture and the pants
- SumoJellyBean for the Dress
- zzjay and CDProjekt for the Yennefer Necklace, Boots and Gloves
- sa547, Tupii and theRoadstroker for the Backpack
- the cape is my own mashups using assetss from Deserter X, Nikinoodles and zzjay.
- Earrings and the Dagger are by billyro 
- Mia the horse's Saddle and Body model + texture is from chakaru11 (who converted CDProjekts mesh into a oblivion recourse,which Billyro then helped me convert to skyrim) Fierymarigold  for the Horse body Mesh (i did not alter the mesh, so if i understood her permission conditions correctly it should be fine)
- Also giving Credit to PyroToaster , Meihyr (aka Jaycrane), Arron Dominion for just generally helping me with scripts, teaching me all i know about modding and holding my hand through the process of doing my first mod , thanks a lot guys you rock.
Everyone at Pyro's Asylum for Mental support, advice and assistance. and memes.