CH NiOverride High Heel Rings by Cherry Hotaling
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CH NiOverride High Heel Rings

Ever have problems with HDT heels, Transformations and losing your heel height got you down?
Cherry's patented (Patent pending) High Heel rings are here to lift your spirits, and your feet!
Simply wear one of the rings or give it to one of your followers and it will lift that character up the height of the ring you picked!
Sad face because your feet are in the ground? Not anymore with Cherry's High Heel rings! (See a forge near you!)
Now wear those platform heels with pride as you slide heads off, arrow them in the knee, or dagger them in the back in style!

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  • Multiple rings from 1.0 to 20.0 in height Allowing maximum height diversity! 
  • Immersive gold rings to wear as a fashion statement to go with your new height! (Gold rings may be the same as the ones already in skyrim, Blame Lucan Valerius he melted down the claw to make them!)
  • no more bouncing HDT heels needed as this can replace or work alongside the HDT heel system.
  • Craftable from a forge to show off in front Adrianne Avenicci in whiterun!
  • A chest full of 1 ring each can be found behind the forge in whiterun!
  • Works with transformations so that you don't lose your heel height when transforming to and from a werewolf, Succubus and more!
  • Incredibly stable, no more wonky HDT heel scripts needed.
  • No additional Script load, game assets and NiOverride used to make this magic work!
  • Rings can also be enchanted so you can add your favorite enchant to them!

  • Use NMM or mod manager to install

How to find in Game:
  • Craft from the Forge (Costs gold to forge)
  • Chest behind forge in whiterun
  • You can also use AddItemMenu to get the rings

Thanks To:
ousnius (Thank you for listening to my questions and steering me in the right direction)
expired6978 (Thank you for helping me dig a bit more into SKSE code and NiOverride to better understand it!)