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Recolors the falmer weapons so that they match CaBaL120's armor mod.

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The aMidianBorn series of texture mods is by far my favorite, however despite making new textures for falmer armor and even the falmer themselves, they never got around to replacing the falmer WEAPONS, which resulted in these spooky creatures in gruesomely intimidating armor walking around with swords and axes that looked like they were made out of gray silly putty. This mod recolors their color and brightness in my best attempt to match the armor.

Highly recommended that you have Book of Silence armors, or these weapons will look out of place.

[Update 1.3] I'm glad so many people liked these, but I still wasn't satisfied with them myself so I went in again and tweaked the colors a little more. Should still be as dark as before, but I think you'll find the color matches even better now. Also changed the compression to reduce the size of files. Just overwrite the previous download with the new one. :)

[Update 1.4] Now includes falmer staffs from the Dawnguard DLC. If you don't have it you can delete the dlc01 folder in textures. Or leave it, it's not gonna hurt anything if you do.