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Very Light, Script Free Overhaul... Craft / Improve almost All Vanilla items for Free: Armor, Weapons, Hearthfire Homes, Food, many Potions, Crossbows, Staves, Spider Scrolls, etc... ALL FREE, No Scripts

Permissions and credits
Very Light Weight (Literally)
ALL DLC's Required: Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn.
Script Free, MCM & SkyUI Not Required.

Credit and Thanks goes to Bethesda for creating Skyrim and allowing us the tools to Mod it.
Thanks goes to Nexus for hosting these wonderful Mods.
A Big Thank You for the Modders who have sacrificed there hardwork and time to
make Skyrim even Better...

Please! Read, Read, Read, before commenting...
Accidentally deleted pull lever for spider scroll imbuning chamber.  Fixed...
Updated to v1.4 05/20/17... Left out (Daedra Heart, Dragonbone & Dragonscales)
Updated Guide (Book)

  • Installation (Auto)... is easy, download using NMM or MO.
  • Installation (Manual)... extract file, drag & drop in the Skyrim Data Folder, open Skyrim Launcher - Data Files, check box next to it.

You can call it cheating or not immersive - I have just provided a way to make exploring way easier and giving you a chance to complete more, by helping to cut down the amount of time needed to try to complete the whole game.
Out of a 200 hour game, you will spend about 66 hours trying to find the items needed to create or improve your items  OR  Spend 135 hours playing and still have a few hours to try to complete, as many of those side quests as possible.  Even with this mod it will take you a massive amount of time to try, yes try... to complete this game.

Here is a list of most vanilla items covered in this mod:

  • Armors - craft & improve - (free)
  • Weapons - craft & improve - (free)
  • Hearthfire Homes - all items (free)
  • Enchanted Staff(s) - craft / enchant (free)
  • Spider Scrolls - craft (free) ...mostly
  • Foods - includes Daedra Heart, also "Potion of Blood" for Vampires (free)
  • Potions/Poisons - Many!!! (free)
  • Circlets - craft (free)
  • Ingots - includes Stalhrim, Dragonbone, Dragonscales (free)
  • Leather & Leather Strips (free)
  • Lockpicks (free)
  • Torches (free)

Helpful Guide (Book) Provided On The Dinning Table In Dragonsreach...

These are not just chests you loot from... (Although, there are a few hidden)

(Questions, you have questions???)

What does this mod NOT cover...: (These would have required scripts, I had to many scripts already, myself...  I needed something Light and Easy.) I have used it for more than a year and haven't had any issues.  But everyone is different...  I have also run hundreds of mods with it.  Had issues with the other mods, but again not this one.  Was cleaning out my mods and thought I would share.

  • Alchemy - this is because this requires Skills - Perks - Ingredients...  (Pretty much got you covered!)
  • Spider Scrolls - (Love these little guys!) - (Pretty much got you covered!)
  • Aetherial Crest - you can only make one item (Finish the Quest - I got you a surprise at the end!)

Please, let me know if you think I missed something in the comments section...
If you have something that requires ingots / ingredients to make, (besides Alchemy & Spider Scrolls) it probably has been loaded from another Mod.  (This mod covers most all Vanilla Items)
* Vanilla - means unmodified weight/value/playable items.