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Markarth's best kept secret, the Secluded Twilight is an underground hotspring the ancient Dwemer turned into a spa. 
Complete with its own patrons and merchants it's a great place for the adventurer to take a day off and enjoy a little free time. 

Long Description
Connected to Markarth in two locations the spa is a large underground cavern with a main common area and three smaller houses located inside. 
One of the houses belongs to two of the merchants (more below), the other two houses have beds that can be used but all containers are either non-owned or respawning so they aren't meant for storage. 
The commons house is where three of the patrons who stay in the spa sleep, there's always a fourth bed available if you wish to rest in the spa without needing to leave. 
The alchemists house belongs to a Dremora who prefers to relax in the main area during the night hours when everyone goes to bed, you can use his bed and his alchemy lab.

The main attractions of the spa is the two merchants who live in and maintain the spa. Drakus and Emma are both general merchants but offer specific items suited for a relaxing day. 
Drakus offers books. Lots and lots of books.
Emma offers just about every vanilla food item as well as a large selection of ingredients and alcoholic beverages. 

The patrons as well as the demonic alchemist will greet the player but are mainly there to relax and aside from greeting you they tend to ignore you and do their own thing. 
Every Patron and merchant have their own idle routines, set up for a day of working or loafing about they will keep themselves occupied during the day hours they will all retire at the end of the day, the Dremora alchemist will come out of his house at night and sandbox leaving his house open if you wish to rest in it for the night.
There's a cooking station in the commons house and in the main spa area and a flour mill behind the merchant stall. The alchemist's house has a alchemy station. 
The merchants house is almost always locked and is private, there's nothing in there worth stealing anyways.

Technical features
The location is Navmeshed for easy navigation by NPC's and followers.
The .esp has been Tes5Edit cleaned and is script free making it bloat free and safe to un-install at any time.
ALL of the clutter is static, no more flying objects.
Completely vanilla assets it requires no DLC's or other mods.

The main elevator has a door located at the bottom of the stairwell near Vlindrel hall, It's directly to the right when you first enter Markarth. 

The second entrance is located inside the dungeon Nchuand-zel. Once you get the key from Calcelmo you can use it to unlock the second door inside the Spa's main area. It's within a few meters of the entrance to Nchuand-zel to the right when you first enter from the Understone keep. The second entrance is perfect for shooting into the spa and selling all of that junk to the merchants inside once you're done looting and exploring.

I packaged the NPC's face meshes into a .BSA making it easy to install and un-install. Just download and activate using the mod manager of your choice. 
It can be installed and removed at any time, just make sure not to leave anything important behind if you choose to un-install it.

Known bugs
On occasion an NPC or merchant will stay inside their perspective house for an extra hour or two of game time. It only happens when you enter the spa for the first time, it's a vanilla limitation on NPC sandboxing. Each NPC has both a set patrol AI package and a sandboxing package as a redundant so they will start doing their routines eventually.