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Makes pick-pocketing and house robberies more rewardable .

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This is just a small mod to incentivize the thief style play through by a rather drastic but necessary increase to rewards gained by dishonest means. Anyone who plays Skyrim stealthily will know the annoyance of underwhelming rewards after leveling up sneak, lockpicking and pickpocket to successfully steal a house key, sneak in at night and pick the lock of the safe or strongbox only to find a measly 10 coins and a pair of fine boots.

This mod changes this by:
- Increasing most civilian NPCs held money by 400%
- Increasing the number of coins in chests, end tables and draws
- Drastically increasing loot found in strongboxes and safes
- Increasing the value of noble level clothes, boots, gloves and hats to something worth stealing

Version 0.2
-added value to jewelry (amulets, rings and circlets)
-added value to gold and silver (to balance the change to jewelry, let me know if I should increase the iron ore cost of the transmute spell to balance this)
-added value to gemstones (yes this does mean that if you complete the stones of barenziah quest you will be absolutely loaded, it's a late game quest and I -personally believe that if you've spent the time to do this you deserve to be set for life)
-added value to silver bowls, silver platters, silver candlesticks and silver jugs (because cheese should never be worth more than silver)
-added value to Dibella Statue (Some poor sod had sculpt that thing out of wax, encase it in clay, fire the clay, pour out the melted wax, pour in molten gold and destroy the mold when the gold solidified. all that for a measly 100 septims! Support your local craftsmen, spend more on statues)