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Hunterborn compatibility patch for users of Belmont Boy's Ultimate Skyrim.

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Ultimate Skyrim - Hunterborn Patch
Version 2.0


This is a compatibility patch for dragonsong's Hunterborn and Belmont Boy's Ultimate Skyrim modlist. Though HB can be used without a patch, a lot of the content is inconsistent, unbalanced, or outright incompatible with US. This file aims to fix those issues, providing integration for RequiemCampfire, iNeed, SkyTEST, and other mods included in US. Hunterborn items have now been integrated with appropriate recipes for crafting pelts, leather, food, potions, drinkable water and waterskins, as well as miscellaneous items like Lantern Oil for Wearable Lanterns.


I've tried to keep this patch as non-invasive as possible, but a conflict was recently pointed out to me (regarding pelt prices) that required editing and recompiling two Hunterborn scripts to fix. Unfortunately, this means that as of version 2.0, this patch can only be used in a game where Hunterborn has not been previously installed. Using this patch with an already existing Hunterborn setup will result in conflicts.

I know it's lame in the extreme to tell users they need a new game for a bloody patch to work, but this was the safest way to get things working and so it is what I recommend. And besides, we all you're just dying to retire your character and make another sneaky archer anyway ;)


Please refer to the stickied comment for a list of known issues.


Besides a working installation of Ultimate Skyrim by Belmont Boy v3.4 (Core Installation is required, but the optionals are compatible) you'll need the following files:

  1. Hunterborn by dragonsong (version 1.5) - Only the Main File is required, the optional patches are unnecessary.
  2. Hunterborn SkyTEST Patch by DrMonops - Download the Optional File labeled Hunterborn SkyTEST (.esm) Patch v1.5


Updating an existing game to version 2.0 is not supported, and you'll need to start a new game for the patch to work correctly. Future updates to version 2.0 will work with existing games as no further script changes should be needed.

  1. Install Hunterborn and the SkyTEST patch with Mod organizer, placing both mods somewhere above Requiem.
  2. Install this patch below Ultimate Skyrim by Belmont Boy and Ultimate Skyrim - Compatibility Patches (if you have those).

Your load order should look like this:
Hunterborn-Skytest Patch.esp
[Ultimate Skyrim patches]
Ultimate Skyrim - Hunterborn.esp
Requiem for the Indifferent.esp
With your load order ready, proceed to re-run Requiem's Reqtificator patcher before starting your game.

Recommended settings for your Hunterborn MCM are offered in the images tab of this page. These are the settings I've found to be the most balanced, but of course you're free to tweak them in any way you like.


For a complete list of changes made, refer to the change log tab. If you have any suggestions or comments, the comment section is the place to go. I'll do my best to reply swiftly.