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Tushani was born a farmer's daughter in Rorikstead. When she was only 2, her father passed away from ataxia. She tended the farm with her mother most of her life, until one day when she was 19.

On this day, some Stormcloaks came through Rorikstead. They must not have had a woman's touch
for some time as they forced themselves upon her. Her mother kicked and screamed trying to stop the stormcloaks.

Tushani, noticing the commotion, ran to her mother's aide and tried fighting the stormcloaks with a shovel but was pushed back and knocked unconscious. When she awoke, the stormcloaks were gone and her mother lay dead in the garden.

Tushani buried her mother, sold the farmhouse and moved to Solitude to join the Legion and trained to be a combat scout.

To this day, she hunts all stormcloaks looking for the ones that took her mother.

Find Tushani in Solitude around the courtyard where the soldiers are training.

Tushani takes on the forsworn.

A dance video that I did.

A great review by Spectre Studio

Race; Imperial
Class; Imperial scout, one handed, archery, sneak, self healing.
Default: Farmers clothes
Enhanced armor; Light Imperial armor, imperial bow, 500 daedric arrows, imperial sword, imperial light shield.
Voice; young eager
Height is 1 / Weight is 0.5
Levels: 5 to 120
Age/ 21 essential

Armor and weapons can be changed out as you like. Take away her vanilla bow or she will not use the imperial bow.
If she finds something really cool like a magic staff, she will use it.

Spells: Healing, fast healing.
Perks: Agile defender, critical shot, stealth, silent roll, lightfoot, deadly aim, muffled movement, night thief, overdraw, ranger, impact, armsman, barbarian, bladesman, deep wounds.

Permission: Granted by Tushani for the preset to make into a follower. Many thanks!

Credits: KS Hairdo's and True Eyes.

Please do not upload on the internet. Tushani is exclusive to me and the original author for the preset and I would like to keep it that way.