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Lets be honest, the player controlled light sources in Skyrim suck. I use Realistic Lighting Overhaul mod and when I equip a torch or candlelight, I cannot see anything in front of me because of their radius being very bad. This mod fixes any issues you may have when it comes to light sources by doubling the radius, increasing spell time and other immersive adjustments whilst keeping a very unnoticeable and minimal performance impact.


All changes are googled and the RGB I used were from other websites and I did not made any of them up nor copy them from mods without crediting them.

Magelight and Candlelight

  • Click and fire. No need to hold mouse to activate
  • Doubles (2x) the light radius (going overboard would reduce performance)
  • Adjusts the color to a more candle-like to match ELFX or RLO lighting (RGB 255, 147, 41, from THIS WEBSITE).


  • Doubles the light radius
  • Changed money value to 0
  • Adjusted weight from 0.5 to 1.0 for immersive-ness :)
  • Adjust colors to a more orange, reddish-like.

Khajit/Vampire Nighteye

  • Removes the blur around the screen for better visibility
  • Adjust the color so it is not super blue (used RGB preset in Improved Candlelight and Magelight)
  • Toggle to activate. No longer runs out at 60s.


- Skyrim 1.9.32 (LATEST)

...No DLCs are required for this mod to function.

Load Order

Allow LOOT to sort it for you.


Anything that modifies the color or stats of the torch is INCOMPATIBLE. Anything that modifies the timer and the radius color of the mage/candlelight is INCOMPATIBLE. Anything that change how the light looks (such as Candlelight Redone) is FULLY COMPATIBLE


1. Download mod using your favorite mod manager
2. Install (Built-in installer)
3. Activate!
4. Done!


1. Download Mod...
2. Extract .esp to *Skyrim*\Data folder
3. Activate Mod
4. Done!

I will not offer support for errors on manual installations.


1. Unequip all torches.
2. Remove effect of candlelight and make sure there are no magelights in the cell you are in (a house is a good place to go and uninstall mods).
3. Save the game.
4. Remove the mod.
5. Complete.


1. Follow the uninstallation process which is above this.
2. Replace old .esp with the new version
3. Done!


I do not have any plans as of yet. I include features that come to my head. If you have any reasonable requests, I will gladly fulfill them

Recommended Mods

Skyrim Skill Interface Re-Texture by Arndas - Even though it is targeted for the Skills menu, it will still work with the candlelight.

Skyrim SE

I cannot run Skyrim SE, my PC cannot handle it. It crashes too much for me and I do not like that therefore I cannot test this or any of my mods. I would happily port this over SSE if someone would test it and see if it runs well.


Credits go to the mod maker. Feel free to do anything you want with this file but you must credit me. If you are uploading to another website, you must add the NexusMods link there.[/left]