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This mod changes several things in both the Vampire as Dawnguard questlines.

Permissions and credits

This mod is being shared as is, by request. I have used this mod for personal use for quite a while and decided to share it as it
is. Unfortunately, due to real life obligations, I will NOT be able to provide any active support, nor will I be adding any new features or make any seperate versions. However, feel free to make any modifications yourself, using this file. (see permissions.)

THIS MOD NEEDS A NEW GAME, or at least not having started the Dawnguard starting quest. dlc1rhtotalruncount should be at 1 after you complete this quest. you might be able to get away with using the command set dlc1rhtotalruncount to 1, if the first quest doesn't do that by itself, but nothing is guaranteed. I won't be able to help you if it breaks. So if you don't want the hassle, THIS MOD REQUIRES A NEW GAME.

Fuz Ro D'oh is required to see the text of some unvoiced dialogue.


This mod does the following:

A. Adds radiant quest requirements in order to advance in the Main Dawnguard and Vampire Questlines.
B. Increases the scale of the sieges of Fort Dawnguard and Castle Volkihar by adding some more NPCs.
C. Adds some extra dialogue to expose Travelling Bards/Pilgrims/Merchants in the Radiant Dawnguard and Vampire quests.
D. Adds new dialogue to Serana to allow/disallow her to raise undead minions.

A. Radiant Quests

Each main or radiant quest you do for Dawnguard or the Vampires will count towards a total.
This total count determines which quests you can do. You can check your progression by typing the following in console:

getglobalvalue dlc1rhtotalruncount

This will show you the amount of quests you've done for the Dawnguard/Vampires.

The progressions is as following:

Green numbers indicated the current count. It's phrased like this: <count at start of quest> -> <count after completing quest(s)>,
so 1 -> 2 means: the count is 1 at the start of the quest and turns into 2 at the end.


Dawnguard: 0 -> 1

Awakening: 1 -> 2

Bloodline: 2 -> 3

A New Order: 3 -> 4

-> 5 Radiant Quests: 4 -> 9

Prophet: 9 (= DLC1RHTotalCountReqStage01) -> 10

-> 5 Radiant Quests: 10 -> 15

Chasing Echoes: 15 (= DLC1RHTotalCountReqStage02) -> 16

Beyond Death: 16 -> 17

Seeking Disclosure: 17 -> 18

-> 5 Radiant Quests: 18 -> 23

Unseen Visions: 23 (= DLC1RHTotalCountReqStage03) -> 24

Touching the Sky: 24 -> 25

-> 5 Radiant Quests: 25 -> 30

Kindred Judgement: 30 (= DLC1RHTotalCountReqStage04) -> 31

*** VAMPIRES ***

Dawnguard: 0 -> 1

Awakening: 1 -> 2

Bloodline: 2 -> 3

The Bloodstone Chalice: 3 -> 4

-> 3 Radiant Quests: 3 -> 7

Rings of Blood Magic: 7 (= DLC1RVTotalCountReqStage01) -> 8

-> 3 Radiant Quests: 8 -> 11

Amulets of Night Power: 11 (= DLC1RVTotalCountReqStage02) -> 12

-> 4 Radiant Quests: 12 -> 16

Prophet: 16 (= DLC1RVTotalCountReqStage03) -> 17

-> 3 Radiant Quests: 17 -> 20

Destroying the Dawnguard: 20 (= DLC1RVTotalCountReqStage04) -> 21

-> 4 Radiant Quests: 21 -> 25

Chasing Echoes: 25 (= DLC1RVTotalCountReqStage01) -> 26

Beyond Death: 26 -> 27

Seeking Disclosure: 27 -> 28

Unseen Visions: 28 -> 29

Touching the Sky: 29 -> 30

Kindred Judgement: 30 -> 31

Addional information and advice:

If you're unsure what to do next, I suggest you talk to any of the quest givers (in Castle Volkihar or Fort Dawnguard, depending on your faction). They'll inform you whom you should talk to next.

If you're unsure what your current progression is, open the console and type: getglobalvalue dlc1rhtotalruncount. This will show you the current amount of quests you've done for your faction. Then you can track your progress in the progression list posted above.

B. Scale of Fort Dawnguard and Castle Volkihar Sieges

- Fort Dawnguard: the Dawnguard are known Vampire Hunters and will be prepared. I've added many additional Dawnguard, huskies and armored trolls to defend the Fort. You stand little chance if you storm through the main gate. So you'll have to find an alternative entrance.


- Castle Volkihar: (WIP) I've added a lot of extra vampires, thralls, skeletons, gargoyles and death hounds to defend the castle.

C. Persuasion to expose Traveling Pilgrims/Bards/Merchants

This was suggested to me by peacockfeathers2 on the /r/skyrimmods subreddit.

I've added some persuasion dialogue that you can use to expose them if your speech skill is high enough. With the right perks you'll need about level 50 in speech to succeed.

D. Extra dialogue for Serana to allow/disallow raising the dead

This was inspired by the "Korvelain, the Demon Hunter" roleplaythrough of Couchwarrior.

It should be self-explanatory what it does.