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  1. HalkHogan
    • premium
    • 1,196 posts
    • 548 kudos
    HD Reworked Ores coming soon!
  2. Cagamuchi
    • supporter
    • 78 posts
    • 3 kudos
    Very nice work!
  3. Pfuscher
    • supporter
    • 3,368 posts
    • 858 kudos
    Realistic HD Baskets already looked perfect, only a few more kb in meshes and twice the texture size. Which can be resized anyway.
    Not that performance draining.
    Anyway, keep up the good work :-)

    Your ore mod is also already damn good.
    Please don't go on with the vanilla trend
    1. DivinityItself
      • member
      • 169 posts
      • 0 kudos
      I dunno. Vanilla presentation is rather good, only resolution and meshes should be optimized for 2k. Seen many new takes on certain textures and not always for the better.

      HalkHogan, excellent Nexus page for a texture mod 'only'. OldRim is alive and keeps kicking.
    2. renthal311
      • member
      • 20,492 posts
      • 877 kudos
      Vanilla has very nice shading, vignette 'vertex painting' ', so it looks great, only the texture is low-res, if you add to Halka meshes,' 'vertex paint' 'and change to 512x512, will look great , Without painting : , : Vertex painting :
    3. HalkHogan
      • premium
      • 1,196 posts
      • 548 kudos
      What you say? I totally don't understand what you mean. In my meshes are vertex colors so I don't know why you are showing this?
    4. LeVosgien
      • member
      • 65 posts
      • 3 kudos
      Mr Hogan's meshes already have vertex colors.
    5. User_12668574
      • account closed
      • 252 posts
      • 3 kudos
      I agree with Pfuscher. Could you perhaps make an old style and new style version for your "reworked" mods? I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm going to use the old textures with the new meshes. It would be nice to not have to do the extra work. :p
  4. IAmTheRedd
    • supporter
    • 340 posts
    • 22 kudos
    looks. to. good. must. resist. download. button
  5. dungeonmaster7
    • member
    • 233 posts
    • 5 kudos
    BASKETS?! f*** Yeah!
    Not to thrilled that you made new texture paths instead of using vanilla texture paths.....just contributes to hard drive clutter.
  6. padawanjedi
    • premium
    • 1,298 posts
    • 35 kudos
    But I really liked the Realistic HD Baskets. I wanted the different basket models to look different, but still look like wicker. I prefer the other version with more variation, although these are really nice. I wonder if I can mix and match....
    1. bullgod13
      • member
      • 310 posts
      • 6 kudos
      I feel the same, although I really like the optimization done here.
      Sure you can mix. Just copy some basket nif files from this mod over the previous one. And don't forget to copy textures folder also.
  7. twhelan
    • premium
    • 643 posts
    • 8 kudos
    Dude, I was gonna say... where ya bin?... but... obviously playin Witcher. Good ta have ya back. This is definitely downloadable! Thanks man!.
  8. Atardecer
    • supporter
    • 3,368 posts
    • 51 kudos
    Nice! All your retextures are an instant download.
  9. ILoveAlftand
    • member
    • 304 posts
    • 24 kudos
    Ty Halk but your older Version still rocks more i Kinda hate vanilla style^^
  10. Praecox
    • supporter
    • 496 posts
    • 10 kudos
    ... and the ingots? :-)
  11. Corvinus18
    • member
    • 1,516 posts
    • 13 kudos
    Nice yo see a mod from you, youre one of the best modders here, you have my favorites retextures of all time