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Have you ever been annoyed that the candlelight spell is much brighter in 3rd person view than 1st person view? This mod aims to reduce that difference and make them more equal.

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1st Person Candlelight Fix
Have you ever been annoyed that the candlelight spell is much brighter in 3rd person view than in 1st person view? This mod aims to reduce that difference and make them more equal.

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Thanks to DonProtein for the feature!


Basically the 3rd person view is brighter because of the magic sprite floating in front of the camera which adds more light. Meanwhile, the 1st person camera doesn't see this sprite because it is above you. So I altered the sprite's nif to be more forward so you can see it and the light it adds in first person. In addition, I decreased the distance the sprite can lag behind you, this fixes the problem when moving forward and it goes behind the camera, which decreases the brightness.

-This fix is especially helpful if you use a dark lighting mod or a dark ENB. Your results will vary based on the lighting range and intensity set for candlelight, which is not touched in this mod (there's already plenty of those to choose from on the nexus).

-Also Magelight uses this sprite too, so it technically affects it. But I've been playing around with it and haven't noticed a difference.

OPTIONAL FILE: If you find 1st person is still too dark, try the optional file instead which has more extreme values. I think ENBs with eye adjustment can cause this issue. I tweaked the file to these settings while using a combo of ELFX with Enhancer, NAT and PRT (on SSE).

Mods Incorporating This Fix:
(You don't need this fix if using any of the mods below)

Enderal - Patch

This mod does not alter the brightness or radius of the light ranges, so it is completely compatible with any lighting mod or even a candlelight mod that changes those values!

Enhanced Camera
is also compatible and seems to even make the sprite less intrusive so I'd recommend to try it out if you find it annoying.

Joy of Perspective
can work if using the vanilla animations. I don't recommend using this with the 3rd person animations because they move the sprite around hectically while doing things like swinging a sword.

-Extract into Data folder and to uninstall find the file lightspellactorfx.nif in Data/Meshes/Magic and delete it.
-If installing overwrites the file then I'd recommend to backup the file it is overwriting in case you don't like the changes...or I'd recommend Mod Organizer so you don't need to worry of such things.
If a mod you use altered the nif that I altered and you want to use theirs with my changes, you can easily edit my changes in using NifSkope, just use reference my screenshots of nifskope to see what to change.
-The Y value of the Translation category in the 73 NiNode changes how far the sprite is from the camera. My preferred setting for this is 38.000004 and the Default setting was 0.000004.
-The Maximum Distance value in 74 BSLagBoneController controls how far the sprite is allowed to lag behind you when you move. I halved this to 20 which makes the sprite stay in front of the camera pretty well but still keeps some dynamic movements.
-If you don't like the values that I used, feel free to tweak it to what you like!
-Save, and that's it.

Distribution Permissions:
Feel free to use this in your own mods or improve upon it without permission and if you like the idea, I would greatly appreciate credit for it.