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Mynitha Silverstorm - Storm Mage Follower

"My sister always was the rebellious one. Why can't she see what it made her"


Mynitha grew up together with her sister Lilithya in Markarth. She can't really remember her parents, because she was really small when they left. So she only has as her family her older sister. Mynitha is the more calmer of the both, often wanted her sister to be less rebellious about everything, knowing that she get herself in trouble. At the age of 21 she left Markarth to join the Imperial Legion in Solitude and to meet her mother. 

Later she went to the College of Winterhold to learn more about magic, and alchemy. She thinks really high of her sister but can't really understand her. 

Armor: Apprentice Mage Robes
Weapon: Staff of Chainlighting

Spells: Chain Lightning, Close Wounds, Ironflesh, Lighting Cloak, Sparks, Thunderbolt, Greater Ward
Perks: Regeneration, Magic Resistance (70), Mage Armor (70), Augmented Shock, Stability, Respite, Augmented Shock (60)


Mynitha can be found in the Winking Skeever in Solitude. She levels with the player till lvl 150. You're able to marry her. 

If you find bugs, please tell me so I can look over her. I hope someone likes her.

Lilithya Silverstorm can be found here


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