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Added: 30/04/2017 - 10:09PM
Updated: 30/08/2017 - 12:32AM

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EDIT: I'm working on a new mod that will add a new land to skyrim. It will (hopefully) add these spells to the mod that can be purchased at the new land.


Hi, i did upload a mod called 'immense magic' however when using the creation kit i made a fatal error and saved the esp file without a backup, therefore i decided to create a new 2.0 version of this mod, as of version 0.12 this mod adds a lot of new conjuration spells alongside a few custom mesh/texture destruction spell, with some staves.This mod was inspired but other popular magic mods such as conjuration madness, and colourful magic.
Weapon List 
Staff of Blue Flames
Staff of Blue Fireball 
Staff of Blue Fire rune
Spell List
Resist Rank I
Resist Fire Rank II
Resist Fire Rank III
Resist Fire Rank IV
Resist Frost Rank I
Resist Frost Rank II
Resist Frost Rank III
Resist Frost Rank IV
Resist Shock Rank I
Resist Shock Rank II
Resist Shock Rank III
Resist Shock Rank IV
Conjure Ash Hopper
Conjure Ash Spawn Rank I
Conjure Ash Spawn Rank II
Conjure Ash Spawn Rank III
Conjure Bear Rank I
Conjure Bear Rank II
Conjure Bear Rank III
Conjure Blue Flame Atronach
Conjure Chaurus Rank I
Conjure Chaurus Rank II
Conjure Chaurus Rank III
Conjure Chaurus Rank IV
Conjure Chaurus Rank V
Conjure Dear Rank I
Conjure Dear Rank II
Conjure Dwarven Mechanical Rank I 
Conjure Dwarven Mechanical Rank II
Conjure Dwarven Mechanical Rank III
Conjure Dwarven Mechanical Rank IV
Conjure Dwarven Mechanical Rank V
Conjure Dwarven Mechanical Rank VI
Conjure Dwarven Mechanical Rank VII
Conjure Dwarven Mechanical Rank VIII
Conjure Dwarven Mechanical Rank IX
Conjure Dwarven Mechanical Rank X
Conjure Dwarven Mechanical Rank XI
Conjure Dwarven Mechanical Rank XII
Conjure Dwarven Mechanical Rank XIII
Conjure Draugr Rank I          
Conjure Draugr Rank II
Conjure Draugr Rank III
Conjure Draugr Rank IV
Conjure Draugr Rank V
Conjure Draugr Rank VI
Conjure Draugr Rank VII
Conjure Draugr Rank VIII
Conjure Draugr Rank IX
Conjure Draugr Rank X
Conjure Elk Rank I
Conjure Elk Rank II
Conjure Fox Rank I
Conjure Fox Rank II
Conjure Giant Rank I
Conjure Giant Rank II
Conjure Goat
Conjure Ice Wraith
Conjure Lurker Rank I
Conjure Lurker Rank II
Conjure Lurker Rank III
Conjure Lurker Rank IV
Conjure Sabre Cat Rank I
Conjure Sabre Cat Rank II
Conjure Mammoth
Conjure Mudcrab Rank I
Conjure Mudcrab Rank II
Conjure Mudcrab Rank III
Conjure Netch Rank I
Conjure Netch Rank II
Conjure Troll Rank I  
Conjure Troll Rank II
Conjure Wolf Rank I
Conjure Wolf Rank II
Conjure Wolf Rank III
Conjure Werebear
Conjure Werewolf Rank I
Conjure Werewolf Rank II
Conjure Werewolf Rank III
Conjure Werewolf Rank IV
Conjure Werewolf Rank V
Conjure Werewolf Rank VI

Blue Fire Ball
Blue Flames
Blue Fire Rune
Restore Stamina Rank I
Restore Stamina Rank II
Restore Stamina Rank III
Restore Stamina Rank IV

Dawngaurd DLC
Dragonborn DLC
Manual - Download the file, and then extract the files to your main skyrim directory, normally located in program files (86)\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data. If it asks to replace files replace.

Nexus Mod Manager - Once downloaded, double click to install, no menu should pop up, and then go to the plugins tab and activate the esp plugin titled 'immensemagic.esp'

Mod Organizer - Once Downloaded, double click to install but before clicking OK , click on the 'manual' button and right click the mod, then select 'set data directory'. Now you are done, and then activate in the left column.

This mod should be compatible with most mods out there as it only adds new spells, and does not edit any existing files related to the base game.
However there may be compatibility issues with some mods that change how conjuration spells or any spells for that matter work, possibly some overhaul mods such as requiem or perkus maximus, although i am not sure of this.

The vendor that sells the spells is located inside the temple of kynareth inside whiterun

Update Status
5/17/2017 - i have currently added an exterior building for the shop alongside an interior cell as well. Some detail has been made inside including a counter, and magical decorations such as alchemy tables and soul gems (along with custom spell books from this mod and staves).

Known Bugs/issues
Spell cost has been attempted to be balanced, although is still up for change.
Another bug is that the ash spawn leave ash piles behind when they die, i have a faint idea on how to fix this, this probably will not be fixed in the 0.12 hotfix update, but will be fixed soon. 

Future Plans
The next update (update 0.13) will hopefully add a new interior/ shop for the vendor to sell the spells and staves at. Expected release data - 5/28/2017(Update has been delayed)