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Shows a message box to continue playing each time you load a saved game.

Permissions and credits
This mod shows a message box asking you to continue playing every time you load a savegame.
Made at request from ElderScrollsMatthew.

Version 1.1: Fixed the mod. The previous upload contained an outdated file and didn't work. If you have issues with a mod that should be simple and straightforward please let the author know! Thanks to RaulCuevas for pointing out that this one didn't work!

== Purpose ==
Since the message box pauses the game you can start loading your savegame and get a cup of tea without worrying that your Dragonborn might have died fighting some randomly spawned bandits once you return. The mod also makes you invincible for 0.5 seconds to protect you against dying from mid-air arrows and similar (adjustable).

== Cjavascript-event-stripped=
To adjust the invincibility duration type the following into the console, replacing 0.5 with your desired invincibility time in seconds:
set GameLoadInvincibleTime to 0.5
Setting the time to 0 will disable the invincibility period.

== Recommended mod ==
Better MessageBox Controls allows you to confirm the message box with the activate key.

== Known Issues ==
If you have a lot of scripts it might take a moment before the mod gets a chance to pause the game.

== Compatibility ==
For obvious reasons incompatibile with mods that unpause the game while a message box is open.

== Permissions ==
I give full permission to use/modify/reupload this mod or parts of it in any form.