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Jango is a big and cool sabre cat that you can have for a pet. He is strong, useful, and furry. He is gifted with troll blood.MOUNTABLENOW (CAN now wait/follow/dismiss/summon)

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  • Portuguese
NEW - Jango is now mountable! read MOUNT
NEW VERS- Jango Wait/follow system revamped READ JANGOS CHEWBONE



Jango is a big Sabre cat. He will follow you wherever you go through doors, in towns, and even taking on dragons and being your big sabre toothed buddy. When he stands around sometimes he may nap at your feet.

He is stronger than other sabre cats, and has the regenerative blood of trolls.

Very useful companion. If he gets stuck or cant reach you (hes a big kitty) simply wait.

If he dies(unlikely) he will eventually be reborn and will seek out his master.


Jango MOUNT <-----read this!
Jango can now be ridden! To people already using Jango, to ride either wait a longg time (not recomended)

Or reinstall mod. (Uncheck mod in startup. get on character and save, exit and then turn back on) To help with reinstalling, I have made Finding Jango Easier, now simply pick up his chewtoy on the enchanting table he will be there really fast.

Jango is not strong enough to jump while being ridden, BUT he makes up for it being very fast (much better than a horse)

On the Enchanting table in dragonsreach. Now when you are holding Jangos Chewbone(in your inv), Jango will follow eagerly. When you put away or set down his bone(on ground or in house container etc), he will wait near it till you return to retrieve it.
Dismiss Jango is still compatible if you want him to just go away and come back without using his bone.

Jango's stats have been changed, he now has purer troll blood, and levels with the player some. He should be stronger for high levels, and not too OP for low lvls.

misc notes
I removed the clutter books and put most of what you need on the enchanting table. Summon Jango is seperate because it can be kind of unbalanced, kind of a cheat, and you must steal it to get it. Eventually I will move it to some monster. NOTE


1.75 SUMMON JANGO beta
Go to the back rooms of the enchanting room in Dragonsreach. Youll find the spell tomes. Now if you lose Jango or he is not coming back fast enough to suit your needs, then you can summon him on up! Note- if you do this while jango is still with you, you can end up with TWO jangos. (even three) Idk if i will leave that implimented

Is now hidden on bench in Dragonsreach entrance, its kinda a cheat, and OP.

1.45 Dismiss Jango SPELL -beta
Go to either the porch of the guardhouse in Morthal, or in front of the Jarls Throne and Enchanting room in Whiterun (dragonsreach) Spell Tomes are on the floor.

If you get tired of poor Jango, you can now, cast Dismiss Jango, he will soon(not instantly) stop following you, and wander around the area last at. He may roam off and do his own thing in the area.

Do not fear, after 15-20 minutes, or 5-8(you can wait) in game hours he will start to miss you and find you again when you are playing or fast traveling.

When you install, just wait an hour, or fast travel, he will find you.

When you turn on mod he will find you quickly.

Enjoy! Comments welcome.