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This Mod changes all the Vanilla Music. The new tracks are mostly from the music group "Wardruna". If you want Nordic Music in Skyrim, than this Mod is perfect for you. UPDATE: Version 1.2 Adds new Files: "NO-COMBAT", "NON-REPLACER", "NON-REPLACER_NO-COMBAT"

Permissions and credits
Version 1.2
- fixed silent locations
Version 1.1
- Main-Theme added to "Exploration-Day" and "Town-All" Subfolder
- Removed all Tracks from Subfolder "Exploration - All Area"
- some little changes for a better demarcation of the categories

Add optional Files:
This make the mod better compatible to other combat music mods.
I recommend
Improved Combat Music. Just load it after EVM.
Adds the EVM-Playlist to Vanilla Music.
For those who don´t want to Play without the original Soundtrack.
A combination of the two other optional files.

This Mod changes all the Vanilla Music. The new tracks are mostly from the music group "Wardruna" (the other artists are named in the "Credits" at the bottom of the page) . If you want Nordic Music in Skyrim, this Mod is perfect for you. In selecting the tracks i considered them by immersion aspects in different categories like combat, exploration, cities and dungeons. It´s not a huge playlist, but I prefered it to have some fewer tracks that i like, instead of a huge mass of music. I hope you will enjoy this Playlist like I do.

There is a SSE Version available now

Just Install it with Mod Organizer or Nexus Mod Manager. To manually install the mod, unzip the file you download and put the .esp and the folder "music" to the subfolder "Data" in your Skyrim directory.

Mod Organizer
Simple right click the mod in the left pane and chose "remove mod".

Nexus Mod Manager

I do not use that tool, therefore i quote from the mod page, with that this mod was created:
"If you use the NMM to deactivate or uninstall the mod, all your added and renamed files will still be left in place in the Music folder, as
will the subfolders the added tracks are located in. This is because the
NMM will not recognize any user added files as part of the mod, since
the they didn't come with it in the first place. Only the .esps, text
files and any subfolders you haven't added music to will be removed
automatically. To completely get rid of the mod, INCLUDING YOUR OWN ADDED AND RENAMED TRACKS, you need to delete the leftovers in the Music folder manually."

Just delete the .esp and the folder "music" in your Skyrim directory.

This Mod should work with all DLCs. If there is a location without music, please give me a report and i will try to fix it. 

Quote from Personalized Music:
"The mod is not compatible with any other that changes the same playlists (called MUSC in the CK). This includes Dawn of Hope and Enhanced
Soundtrack (at Steam Workshop). The mod placed lower/later in the mod
manager load order will take precedence over the other (meaning only
that will work) if conflicting mods are used at the same time. The game
will not crash if there is a conflict, so feel free to experiment if
unsure if two mods are compatible.

Personalized Music is fully compatible with SkyRadio. Try it out, it's perfect for having a playlist
with your favorite tracks that you can get to play anywhere at any
time. When you switch the radio off, the regular playlists you add music
to through this mod will play as normal.

Some mods that change the dragons of Skyrim may cause the dragon fight music not to play correctly.

Version 6.0 of the mod, and also the mod add-ons for version 5.0, I USED THAT VERSION WITHOUT ADDONS, change what
music is played in certain locations, might conflict with other mods
that change the same locations. If this is the case, the mod loaded
after the other "wins" the conflict. This means that the other mod will
not function properly.

All the music is sourced from:

Main-Menu Music






  • This Mod was created with Personalized Music - Add your own music to Skyrim from the great No_Aardvarks_Allowed. Please endorse his work and watch his conditions for permission.
  • This Mod includes tracks from the following bands/groups: Wardruna, Faun, Valravn, BrunuhVille and Adrian von Ziegler. Please support their incredable work. 
  • Thanks to Bethesda for the game.