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Last updated at 13:06, 1 Jun 2017 Uploaded at 13:58, 28 Apr 2017

This my first ENB preset and it's still WIP, so it is likely that the look will change with each version released.

My intention -besides learning- was to create a simple, but balanced preset for my personal gameplay use: Not too dark, not too heavy on performance, but also with some nice visuals. I am kind of satisfied with the result so far, so I thought I'd share it here.

Lurch ENB is intended to be used with vanilla weathers.

With 0.8beta there are now 3 versions again: Gameplay (default), Performance and Quality (both included optional). Since all versions are intended for gameplay none of them needs a beast PC. Quality preset runs pretty solid on my system, Gameplay even better and Performance really has no impact, so this should also work fine on older hardware.

For 0.9 there are no optionals yet. but if you were able to run quality setup of 0.8, then you can also run this (should be between 0.8 gameplay and quality). first things i personally would disable in need for some fps are the lens and DoF (you could use dynavision instead, or no DoF at all)

My specs
i5 4590 (3,3 Ghz)
R9 290x 4GB
Win10 64

Further readjusting and fine tuning the weathers is my main goal at the moment. Most of Skyrims weathers are ok for my taste, but some like Sovngarde and Soul Cairn weather will need some work, because I have no active character at these stages at the moment. Solstheim weathers are included, but i'd consider them still experimental.

Download ENB v308 from here:
Extract the file (most users should use wrapper version) and copy „enbhost“ and „d3d9.dll“ to your skyrim folder (where TESV.exe is located).
Download my Preset and copy all theFiles into the same Folder.

IMPORTANT: Adjust the ENBlocal.ini that comes with my preset for your system!

None really. I wanted to keep the necessity for other mods to a minimum.

I would however highly recommend some mods, which I use myself and which I think, play very nice with this ENB:

Relighting Skyrim by Novak Dalton and--JawZ--

Inside the Nebula by Kriskos (see some of the nightsky screenshots, I'm using the Forge Nebula btw)

Remove Interior Fog V2 by rgabriel15

For Clouds: you can use vanilla clouds or Ethereal Clouds by Gamwich

Also get the ENB Particle Patch if you don't have it already.


I recommend to turn the in-game brightness slider all the way down, or at least very low (experiment
what you like best)

Bethesda for Skyrim
Boris Vorontsov for ENB
Miratheus for his awesome Effect file
Scrabbulor for his Weather Files (I used those as base)
--JawZ-- for his great atmosphere.nif
Veeblix and KingEric1992 for the sunglare
Matso for the Bokeh DoF
The whole skyrim modding community, for being awesome.