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Adds necromancer-themed camp gear, weapons, and spells for Campfire - Complete Camping System. Compatible with Frostfall.

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Necromancer-themed camp gear, weapons, and spells

SE conjurers, see: Necromancer's Camp for Special Edition

New to Campfire?

In a nutshell, craft tents, bedrolls, and other gear at tanning rack or using Campfire's Resourcefulness - Craft Item, and go camping! Pitch a tent by selecting it from your Misc inventory and position using colored reference marker. See Campfire - Complete Camping System for details.

Tip: Drop multiple tents and followers use whichever tent has an open spare bed roll.



Backup your save-game file in case you change your mind.

Unpack files (2) into your game's Data folder. Activate plugin. 

Uninstall by de-activating plugin and remove files. Load a save-game from before adding this plugin.


~ Features ~

  • Upgrade tents and huts to include Study Books granting extra powers.
  • Includes bedroll-only (and twin for follower) to camp under stars or in a cave.
  • New summoned (2) minions gain bonus from Campfire's Uplifted or Inspired bonus.
  • Unenchanted Necromancer's Staff to enchant at Neloth's place.
  • 2 conjured shelters plus 2 conjured study bedrolls with shared safe-storage chests.
  • Frostfall compatible.

~ Gear ~

Your basic Necromancer bedroll includes lantern on totem. No shelter, obviously. Craft with Campfire's Resourcefulness - Craft Item, or at a tanning rack.

Build a crude Necromancer's chair for the campsite or at home. Upgrade tent or hut with Necromancer's Study Table which grants Necromancer's Concentration for several hours.

Necromancer's Hut

Three styles available: basic, with Study Table, and two-bedroll. The hut design is based on the witch's hut and Forsworn's tent, and is assumed some resources for construction are found locally and left behind. This helps reduce travel weight, but due to large size and fur reinforcements, the huts are a bit heavier than the standard canvas and fur tents. The basic hut allows room for portable crafting gear or camp furniture. Upgrade the basic hut with Necromancer's Study Table.

  • Compatible with Frostfall to stay dry and warm.
  • Includes pet bed.
  • Craft with Campfire's Resourcefulness - Craft Item.

Necromancer's Tent

This large two-bed-roll canvas tent comes in basic or upgraded with Study Table. Craft basic at a tanning rack and upgrade using Campfire Craft Item.

  • Compatible with Frostfall to stay dry, less warm than fur tent.
  • Includes pet bed.
  • Craft at tanning rack, upgrade with Campfire's Craft Item.

Conjured Shelters

All conjured shelters include magically connected safe-storage chest. All your gear available no matter which shelter conjured, so stop lugging everything around and dump it all in the chest. Travel light, travel in style!

Necromancer's Conjured Abode is a master-level conjuration spell producing a fancy bed, Study Table, safe-storage chest, enchanter's table, fireplace, and a bubble protecting from the cold. The Vampire Abode is similar with a coffin replacing the bed and without enchanter's table bringing it down to expert level. The Necromancer's Study Table is an adept-level spell and only provides a bedroll, chest, and Study Table. No protection from the cold or rain.

Face downhill when casting to create a ledge. Facing up a hill could conjure the bed beneath the ground.

Necromancer Staff

This unenchanted staff may be crafted at a forge. Enchant it with a necromancy spell using Neloth's staff enchanter in Tel Mithryn, Solstheim. Use any unenchanted staff in off-hand like a shield and bash foes with it. This is a 1k re-texture and mesh-mashup of existing staff.

Available enchantments:

  • Summon (potent) Skeleton Guard
  • Summon (potent) Skeleton Mage Guard
  • Reanimated Dead
  • Revenant
  • Dread Zombie

Having Dark Souls perk enchants potent version to staff. Remember: must know spell to enchant staff.

~ Spells ~

Necromancer's Concentration

Working at the Study Table grants Necromancer's Concentration, Fortify Necromancy effect, resulting in a temporary increase in duration for reanimated dead or the Skeleton Guard in addition to reduced casting cost of all conjuration spells. Stacks with the Necromancy perk for greater duration. Using the Study Table will break any blessing your character may have, and adding a blessing from an alter will end Necromancer's Concentration. You may choose to think of it as an academic advantage in mental focus, or a religious ritual.

Daedric Focus 

Same as above, but with Fortify Atromancy for your atronochs. Also reduces casting cost of all conjurations.

Spell books

  • Summon Skeleton Guard - Apprentice
  • Summon Skeleton Mage Guard - Adept
  • Necromancer's Study Table with bed roll - Adept (no shelter)
  • Necromancer's Conjured Abode - Master
  • Necromancer's Vampire Abode - Expert

Spell books are available from vendors including Phinis at College of Winterhold and Sybille Stentor in Solitude. Ronthil in Castle Volkihar sells Vampire Abode. No vendor lists modified; script adds books to vendor. The master-level abode is available at low level. With adequate enchanted items, a mage may cast Conjured Abode before reaching master conjuration.

~ Undead Minions ~

Skeleton Guard and Skeleton Mage Guard are summoned like the boneman or atronoch. Perhaps the skeleton comes from the necromancer's stockpile, or is snatched away from somewhere within the world. It's up to you on how you wish to tell your story.  The duration of the guard is longer than other summoned creatures with higher magic cost. May not be best in heat of battle unless using an enchanted Necromancer Staff. Of course, these skeleton guards are happy to watch over camp while you sleep.

Having the Necromancy perk increases duration, and Dark Souls perk upgrades to potent guards with a boost in levels and health. Campfire's Uplifted and Inspired increases summoned minion's levels. 

The potent Skeleton Mage Guard uses the necromancer's hood. Use a texture replacer if you'd like more color or an HD hood.

~ . ~
If you're looking for a more ritualistic approach to re-animating skeletons, take a look at Corpse Preparation - True Necromancy by Mojo.

Known Issues

The blue placement indicator for the large canvas tent is a little high, but the tent lands on the ground.

When pitching a tent in a cave, Campfire automatically hides the tent making the lantern appear to float in air. Set Necromancer's Bedroll inside a cave instead.

Bed rolls may sometimes appear to float over ground to compensate for rough terrain clipping bed.


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