Aphrael - Female Redguard saved game by Aedh
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English isn't my native language, so I'm sorry if I made any mistakes.

You will find two saves here :

- The first one : Level 1 character, just after the execution scene (so you can pick whichever side you like). If you check her looks just after you're freed from your cuffs she may look a bit different than the pictures. Don't panic, the lighting is just that bad in the first room.

- The second one : Level 37 character.

Quests and Factions : I didn't advance much in the main quest line (just before the Thalmor Ambassy quest).
- Companions : Just before the first werewolf transformation
- Winterhold College : Two quests done
- Thieves Guild : Nothing done
- Dark Brotherhood : Nothing done
- Imperials or Stormcloaks : Didn't join any yet (I followed the imperial guy at the beginning of the game)
Most of the quests in Whiterun and Markarth are done, I didn't do much in the other cities.

Abodes : Two houses (Markarth and Whiterun) fully equiped (except one room in Markarth). In Whiterun you will find all my forge stuff (dragon bones, some ore, leather, etc.). In Markarth you will find anything related to enchantment.

Daedric Artifacts : Sanguine Rose (Whiterun), Mace of Molag Bal (Whiterun), Mehrunes' Razor (Markarth, in a display case), Dawnbreaker (Markarth, above the bed), Spellbreaker (equiped).

Around 60 or 70 000 gold (legit).

You can see this character as a paladin. She doesn't do a lot of damages, but can take a beating fairly well (100% magic resistance with her shield raised does help a lot).

Stats :
- Heavy Armor : 74
- Block : 85
- One handed weapons : 89
- Forge : 92 (I should have one or two daedra hearts in the House in Whiterun, if you want another weapon)
- Enchantment : 47 (almost all the recipes, a few are still missing though)
- Alteration : 69 (don't really need the armor buffs, but you should xp at least one point for the magic resistance perk)
- Restoration : 51

Feel free to tweak her appearance or her name as you wish, by typing "showracemenu" in the console. Changing her race will mess up her stats though, so don't do it.

To get the same result you will have to use :
- No more blocky faces, by Xenius :
- Detailed faces, by Xenius : (take the oldest file if you want exactly the same result, the second one is a bit too smooth to my taste)

- New images : Download Beauty faces for females, by necKros :

Installation : just drop the files in your Documents/my games/ Skyrim/Saves folder. You might get a "missing files" warning, you can ignore it.