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Completely revamps the quest based equipment rewards allowing you to craft un-enchanted special weapons and armors and properly integrates DLC added armor, weapons and items.

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Have you always wanted a Jagged Crown of your own to enchant? Like the Mystic gloves? Ever wondered why there's no Bonemold or Chitin weapons? Like the DLC but miss the DLC items when your in other areas? YES? Then look no further!!

This mod completely revamps the quest based and faction equipment system, enabling you to craft a ton of items that you come across during your adventures and adds in missing armor and weapons that really should have been added all along thus filling out the vanilla and DLC equipment tiers. This is achieved by enabling crafting abilities as you finish quests and join factions. Now loot from the DLC are properly scattered across all of Tamriel, Solsthiem, The Soul Cairn and The Forgotten Dale. You will now find Hearthfire materials in treasure chests and on bandits and encounter people all across Skyrim that use Stalhrim or Chitin. There have been large additions to the DLC materials and standards.

There have been multiple logistical changes and tweaks to better enhance your adventuring in Skyrim.

I have added full WAFR & CCOR mod keywords, and smithing menu settings to better enhance your crafting. While her mods are not required they are HIGHLY suggested as they compliment this well.

Questing added equipment: (All versions are not enchanted)
Jagged crown is craft-able (After "The Jagged Crown" is completed)
Skaal Boots, Coat, Gloves and Coat are now all craft-able (After "Fate of the Skaal" is completed)
Psijic Robes, Hood, Boots and Gloves are now playable and craft-able (After "Good Intentions" is completed)
Greybeard Robes, Boots and Hood are now playable and craft-able (After "The Way of the Voice" is completed)
Thalmor Boots, Gloves, Robes and Hooded Robes are craft-able (After "Eye of Magnus" is completed)
Jester Clothes, Boots, Gloves and Hat are now playable and Craft-able (After "The Cure For Madness" is completed)
Nightingale Armor, Gloves, Boots and Hood are now craft-able (After " Trinity Restored" is completed)
Linwes' Armor is now craft-able (After "Summerset Shadows" is completed)
Mythic Dawn Boots, Gloves, Robes and Hooded Robes are craft-able (After "Pieces of The Past" is completed)
Blades armor set is now craft-able (After "Alduins Wall" is completed) 
Ancient Falmer Cuirass, Boots, Gauntlets and Crown are now craft-able (After "Touching the Sky" is completed)
All 3 types of Thieves Guild Armor are now craft-able (As you progress through the thieves guild quest-line)
Cultist armor set is now craft-able (After "Dragonborn" is completed)
Morag Tong Boots, Armor, Bracers and Hood are all craft-able (After "Served Cold" is completed)
Forsworn Boots, Armor, Headdress and Gauntlets are all craft-able (After "No One Escapes Cidhna Mine" is completed)
Arch-Mage's Boots, Robes and Hooded Robes are craft-able (After "Eye of Magnus" is completed)
Mystic Tuning gloves are craft-able (After "Out of Balance" is completed)
Penitus Oculatus armor set is craft-able (After completing either "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!" or "Breaching Security")
Telvanni Hood, Robes and Shoes are craft-able (After "Old Friends" is completed)
Nordic Pickaxe is now craft-able (After "An Axe to Find" is completed)
A large amount of new cannibalistic foods are now craft-able (after "The Taste of Death" is completed and while wearing "The Ring of Namira")

Faction Equipment: (All versions are not enchanted)
Dawnguard Equipment is craft-able by Dawnguard Faction members at Fort Dawnguard. (Includes the extra damage to Vampires script)
Vampire armors are craft-able by Volkihar Vampire Clan Faction members.
Dark Brotherhood Shrouded Hand Wraps, Hood, Robes and Shoes are craft-able by Dark Brotherhood faction members.
Companions Wolf Armor is now craft-able by Companions faction members.
All Skyforge weapons and armors are now craft-able after you gain the use of the Skyforge. (Includes the added Skyforge equipment) 
All Hold guard equipment is now craft-able by the Thane of each 9 holds. (As you become Thane you gain the ability to craft them)
Soldiers gain the abilities to craft their factions armors.

Equipment Additions\Changes:
Renamed the Ancient Falmer set to "Snow Elf ***** ".
Renamed Linwes'a armor set to "Summerset Shadows ***** ". 
Silver Weapons can be crafted at the Lunar Forge.
Lunar Weapons can be crafted at the Lunar Forge.
Blades regular armor set is now heavier because there is now a light set.
Enabled the unused Eastmarch Guard Helmet and renamed it to Windhelm Guard Helmet.
Added a Windhelm Guard Armor.
Added craft\temper recipes for the rest of the Dawnguard armor and weapons.
Cultist Boots, Gloves, Mask and robes are now a matched and balanced light armor set.
Thalmor Robes, Hooded Robes, Boots and Gloves are all now craft-able.
Falmer Boots, Armor, Helmet, Shield and Gauntlets are all now craft-able.
Silver Sword, Silver Greatsword are now craft-able.
Headsman Axe is now craft-able.
Blades Sword is now craft-able.
Studded imperial Armor is craft-able.
General Carius' Armor is now playable.
The rest of General Carius' equipment is now named properly and playable.
General Carius' Heartstone Necklace is playable.
Craft-able Woodcutters Ax.
Craft-able Pickax.
Torturers Hood is now loot-able, craft-able and improvable.
Mammoth Tusks can be powdered at the forge.
Human skull, troll skull and Dragon bones can be turned into bone meal at the forge.
All added and enabled equipment have tempering recipes.

Lunar Weapons now require refined moonstone to create.
Shellbugs now don't die when your mining due to the possible need for more Shellbug Chitin.
Added new looks for the Ancient Nordic Pickaxe.
Due to the new looks for the Ancient Pickaxe the ones that are sold and crafted are now just named "Nordic Pickaxe".
Morag Tong Hood has new custom mesh. 
Morag Tong set now has a much darker texture.
Bandits have looted and stolen crossbows! There is a small chance to encounter bandits with Crossbows and later Dwarven Crossbows. 
Whole new look for the Wolf Armor set.

New Equipment:
  • Added a Dawnguard Hood -Light Armor-
  • Added a Stahlrim Heavy Shield
  • Added a Stahlrim Bastard Sword
  • Added a Stahlrim Claymore
  • Added a Chitin Heavy Shield
  • Added a light Blades Armor set
  • Added a full set of Bonemold weapons
  • Added a full set of Chitin weapons
  • Added a Silver Weapons set (Equal to Nord Hero strength with Silver Properties)
  • Added a Lunar Weapons set (Equal to Steel strength with Silent Moons Enchantment)
  • Added a Thalmor Hooded Robes (not enchanted)
  • Added a Thalmor Robes (not enchanted)
  • Added a Skyforge Steel armor set with 2 variants of helmets and armors
  • Added a 1-Handed Dawnguard Rune Hammer
  • Added a Telvanni Hood
  • Added a set of craft-able replicas of the Amulets of The 9 Divines
  • Added an alternate Stahlrim heavy armor set
  • Added craft-able Torches (Requires 1 linen and 2 firewood to make 4 Torches)
  • Added Silver and Lunar Arrows
  • Added Snow Elf Helmet, Shield, Katana, Bow, Arrows
  • Added Shellbug Armor, Boots, Gauntlets and Shield
  • Added Recipes for Hunting Bow, Long Bow, Wooden Sword, Nordic Pickaxe and Child's' Doll

Logistical Changes:
You now can loot both big toes off of giants! (Everyone knows the big toes are the only good ones)
Falmer boots now have barefoot sounds because they don't cover feet.
Horkers and Mammoths now have 2 loot-able tusks per corpse.
Experience is gained at the smelter and tanning rack.
Lunar Forge now actually works as a special forge is relevant at night to provide Lunar weapon smithing.
Windhelm guards now wear an actual hold guard set like all other guards.
Lockpicks are craft-able in bulk amounts of 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 (amounts raise with your smithing skill!)
Added formid's so the Ancient Nordic Pickaxes work on regular ores now. Including Hoarfrost.
Revamped the whole Imperial Armor sets\system.
All added and enabled items now have breakdown recipes. 
Added the fabled "Notched Pickaxe" to the Stalhrim ore tool list. (Long live Notch!)
All Dunmer residents of Tamriel now wear proper Dunmer clothing and sell more Solsthiem based items.
New child's gifts can be found in a handfull of shops in Skyrim.

Gold coin recipes: (Balanced to prevent experience training exploiting) 
1 gold ingot = 90 septim
1 gold ore = 45 septim
110 septim = 1 gold ingot

Leveled lists were re-balanced:
Multiple new leveled-lists are distributed them accordingly in the vanilla loot pools. Dwarven loot pools are more Dwarven, Falmer loot pools are more Falmer... and so on.

Adds Nails, Hinges, Locks, Iron Fittings, Firewood, Goat Horns, Clay and Quarried Stone loot pools. Chitin, Stahlrim (+Enchanted versions), Dawnguard Enchanted versions, Nordic and Bonemold (+Enchanted Versions) to armor and weapon leveled lists.

Chances for dragons and other boss drops to include:
  • Enchanted Armor
  • Enchanted Weapon
  • Daedric Armor
  • Daedric Weapons
  • Dragonplate/Dragonscale Armor
  • Dragonbone weapons
  • Ingested ingredients/Potions/Ore/Ingots

Boss chests with leveled loot pools that make sense. 

Boss chests are primarily the target of the distribution, as they tend to be at the end of most dungeons. However, Dragons now have a much nicer loot pool. Their leveled items pull from several sublists, which in turn pull from a few more sublists, ensuring variety and value comes out hunting dragons!
Bandits will have stolen armor/jewelry/food, etc. Dwarven ruins will contain more Dwemer artifacts, soul gems, and such. Warlocks will have more spell tomes and magic items stashed away. Forsworn will have more gems, weapons, armor, and poisonous ingredients hidden Giants will collect more random items, and have a chance to have a stash of Sleeping Tree sap. Falmer will have more poisons, ore, and other paraphernalia. Vampires will have more valuable and noble loot. Werewolf den chests will contain their trophies and other miscellaneous objects.

Hearthfire Additions:

Imperial equipment changes information:

Armored\Jeweled Circlets are added. (Half the armor rating of their helm counterparts)

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Clothing & Clutter Fixes
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Assets Credits:

Kelsenellenelvians' Mods <---- Check my mods list!