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About this mod

This mod give a lesser power which allows the player to take ownership of crafting station, beds and other interactive objects.

Permissions and credits
It is mine !
Claim your property !

Description :

This mod gives you a lesser power which allows to take ownership of  all furniture objects which can be used by actors. In general, this means objects like crafting station, chairs, beds etc...

For example Tables with attached benches are furniture, but tables without benches are not because Actors have no
animations or game functions associated with them.

What is the point ?

I've created this mod for compatibility purposes and my personal use, maybe you could find it useful.

For example :
I use the excellent Crafting Requires Permission by stradivuckos, Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim by Enai Siaion and a lot of custom houses, sometimes ownership is not properly set and it could be problematic.

This mod permits you to claim a bed to benefit of Vancian Magic from ordinator mod which imposes you to rest by sleeping in your bed or to own a crafting station and avoid NPCs who want you to pay to use yours which is very annoying and unimmersive.

How to use :

The power is automatically added at the first start.
Select the power "It is mine !", aim an object and activate the power.
If the object is eligible you will see a message saying "It is mine !", if not, you will see "This object cannot be claim".

How to install :

Just install and activate.
Require SKSE

It uses only two small script, the first one which adds the spell which run only once, the second one which run only when you activate the power. No script is attached to the object.

This mod could be merged.

Note :

You could use it for cheating , but it is not the objective of it.

It is my first scripted mod, don't hesitate if you have idea which can help me to improve this, I plan to add a way to revert the effect of the mod and maybe to extend its functionality.

Be wary when you use it, don't own all skyrim ^^

The SRLE Extended: LoTD edition is especially build for the great SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn guide.
The fix for Moonlight Tales is released as a separate mod for other users (see below).
No point to use it if you don't use this guide.

Thanks to foamyesque who put me on the good rail
Thanks to cdcooley whose posts on Nexus helped me a lot (and his papyrus highlight file for Notepad++)
Thanks to cscottydont for his post which explains how to add a spell automatically.

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