Returning to Sovngarde by Maxjoni
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My mod is also in Steam (only the latest version):
Returning to Sovngarde
Nexus and Steam's exclusive mod, DON’T upload this file to other sites.
Any changes or use of content of this mod requires my permission, send me a message for details.

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This mod was made because I wanted to travel to Sovngarde again, because, let’s face it: it’s cool, especially the hall, but it’s only acessible once in the game. I didn’t find any mods that made you able to get there without modifying the place, so, I created my own mod. Hope you enjoy it!


This mod requires Dragonborn and Dawnguard DLC’s.


This mod makes you able to teleport into Sovngarde again, after gaining a key in the Misplaced Urn, located in Skuldafn, acessible in the quest “The World-Eater's Eyrie”. When you have the key, go to the south wall of Riften. There’ll be a portal named: Shrine to Sovngarde. Activate it, and you’ll see a locked door. After unlocking it, there will be a portal leading to Sovngarde.
Congratulations, you can now go to Sovngarde whenever you want! It’s as simple as that, and it’s not lore-breaking, since you have to do the main questline to get the key anyway!

Compatibility Issues

  •  Raven Breezehome Mod (needs confirmation, read the bug section)

Since I created everything in the mod, I don’t think there should be no more incompatibilities. Still, if there are, just name them.


- NMM: Download the file and activate it.
- Manual: Download the file, then copy the esp. file to your skyrim data folder.

For steam game owners, the data folder is here:
- 32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data
- 64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data

Version 1.0 - Creation of the mod.
Version 1.1 - What changed:
  • The portal's location as been changed (read the description).
  • Doors have been replaced with portals.
  • Creation of a portal to the Hall of Valor [if using console commands to unlock the door, don't use the portal to the Hall before meeting Tsun, otherwise, when you leave, you'll start losing health until you die (it's a barrier implemented in the Hall). If you teleport after you have accepted/completed the quest, it will be fine].
Version 2.0 (NOT RECOMMENDED TO LOW LEVEL ACCOUNTS!) - What changed:
  • A guard as been placed protecting the shrine.
  • A new portal has been implemented in Sovngarde, leading to a cave.
  • A new blade has been created: Spectrum Blade.
Version 2.0.1 (NOT RECOMMENDED TO LOW LEVEL ACCOUNTS!) - What changed:
  • Version 2.0 has been removed, due to several bugs (the features are in this version).
  • Link to the mod added in txt. file (requested).
  • The guard's inventory has been corrected.
Version 2.0.1 --- NO GUARD - What changed:
  • It takes out the guard in the shrine, but it makes the special weapon and armor in her inventory unavailable.
Version 2.0.2 (NOT RECOMMENDED TO LOW LEVEL ACCOUNTS!) - What changed:
  • A ghost bow has been added in the guard's inventory.