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This mod is a complete overhaul for the Dark Brotherhood Initiates. An individual personality, combat techniques, and fully voiced characters. Initiates worthy of the Listener.

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The Listener is the highest rank within the Dark Brotherhood, and is the most revered assassin. The Listener deserves a companion capable of combat, a companion with a personality, and a companion who worships the ways of the Brotherhood. If you didn't think the Initiates provided this before, they certainly do now.

Welcome to...

The Dark Brotherhood Initiates


  • Fully voiced characters
  • Combat enhancements for the Initiates
  • Original characters
  • Character backstories
  • Follower idle dialogue
  • Companions worthy of the Listener

This mod overhauls the Dark Brotherhood Initiates from the end of the Dark Brotherhood quest line by making them seem like genuine members, with names, backstories, and an individual personality. Of course, they honour the Listener, but why does that mean they should be mindless followers? This mod changes the initiates to have idle dialogue when following which gives you an insight into their personality and to their backstories.



Voice Talent: 

Adelinda - Sara Dunham
Harlend - Oscar Furey