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Adds sweet shops just outside all of the major cities. Sells new sugary treats!

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Just a little mod I made for fun.

Adds four five new sweet shops to Skyrim, complete with vendors and new edible goodies.

You can now choose which shops you would like to install and with the Hearthfire compatibility option merchants sell hearthfire treats and you can give the sweets to your adopted children.

Find the Special Edition version here


Whiterun - Next to the stables
Windhelm - Across the road from the stables.
Solitude - On the docks.
Riften - On the lower level of the canal.
Markarth - Across from the carriage driver.

Should be compatible with JK's Skyrim, and there's a version for open cities that moves the Riften shop outside the city walls.

Treats added:

  • Chocolate & Vanilla Biscuits - Restore 10 health
  • Whole Chocolate Cake - Restore 15 health, fortify destruction by 15 for 20 seconds.
  • Piece of Chocolate Cake - Restore 5 health, fortify destruction by 5 for 10 seconds
  • Candy Apple - Restore 12 health.
  • Cupcake - Fortify Magicka by 15 for 20 seconds
  • Macaron (Blue, yellow, and pink) - Restore 10 health
  • Cupcake (Pink) - Restore 15 stamina
  • Nana Gumdrops Special Cupcake - Restore 30 health and 20 stamina, fortify magicka by 20 for 30 seconds and persuasiaon by 10 for 30 seconds
  • Fruitcake - Restore 15 health, fortify stamina by 10 for 15 seconds
  • Hard Candy (3 different colors) - Regenerate MAgicka 5 for 20 seconds
  • King Cake - Restore 20 health
  • Chocolate Madeleine - restore 10 health