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Added: 19/04/2017 - 01:45PM
Updated: 20/04/2017 - 10:22AM

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Last updated at 10:22, 20 Apr 2017 Uploaded at 13:45, 19 Apr 2017

This is just a small but effective patch to make Dynavision work alongside Immersive First Person View.
Should I feel the need to improve upon either plugin or their interaction further it will go into this mod.

Current functionality is automatically set as follows:

  • In full First Person the Depth of Field Effect tracks the players vision 100%.
  • In Third Person with headtracking it will track across the frontal 60% and consequently unfocus as you look behind yourself,
  • where realistically you cannot see.
  • In static Third Person the DoF effect will remain in front of the character, where it is looking, and the camera focuses accordingly.
  • Finally: With IFPV disabled or not present it will act like default Dynavision and always track the camera 100%.


IFPV and Dynavision, booya - and they in turn require SKSE and SkyUI.

Either extract into your Skyrim folder directly or utilize your mod manager of choice for installation.

Do not overwrite your FirstPersonPlugin.txt file if you want to keep your previous settings.
In that case manually add the following to Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\FirstPersonPlugin.txt
It might be necessary to deactivate Dynavision and/or its ESP, save the game and reenable it for changes to take effect.


Delete Skyrim\Data\Scripts\dynavisionrangescript.pex
Delete Skyrim\Data\Scripts\Source\dynavisionrangescript.psc
This will reset Dynavision to its original state since its script files are housed in a BSA archive.
Doing a clean save without Dynavision active afterwards is encouraged.
Changes to IFPV need not be reset but you are welcome to overwrite its config file with the default or reinstall the mod.

  • You're free to use or modify this patch as you wish; it's just 10 lines of script that I changed.
  • It does not work right with TFC and I do not know a solution so far; toggle Dynavision off or position your character appropriately to achieve the desired level of Depth of Field when using the free camera.
  • Special thanks to meh321