Icefloes BeGone by Boerakis
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Added: 18/04/2017 - 08:48PM
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Hey friends, If you are like me, and you still play skyrim in 2017 on a potato computer or laptop with an old graphics card, then you may have noticed it:

Its the hair in your soup...

It's the tiny piece of parsley between your teeth when on a date...

It's the pimple in the face of the gorgeous skyrim landscape...

Youre thinking it, i've said it : ICEFLOES

No matter how many texture packs you apply to those melting icethingies, they are just a sore sight to behold. Especially from a closer distance.

Ofcourse this is a matter of personal preference. Some like the icefloes, some don't. 

If you don't like them, this "mod" is for you.


This mod simply replaces the texture and the ile with a transparent texture. So the icefloes become invisible

NO.esp file, just these 2 small texture files.


Go to => /DATA/Textures/landscape in your skyrim folder and copy paste and

Or simply add it with the nexus mod manager.