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Collection of Hair that I've recolored for KS Hairdos. 340+ options for Female KS and 150+ option for KS HDT. Both include Ombre, Monochrome and bright colors. 2 optional files for Males. One colorful pack with limited options atm (9) and Ombre/Monochrome pack with 136 options. Hope you enjoy! :)

Permissions and credits

First and foremost I did not create any of these hair textures. The creator and all credit goes to Kalilies (and the many other talented creators involved in KS Hair. (Names below under Credits) all I did was add color to the already beautifully created textures. Thanks so much to Kalilies for permission to upload these re-colors! <3

Also, if you're at this page for the Xbox One version and looking for help I'm sorry but I cannot help you. You'll have to ask the person who ported my re-colored textures about any issues you may be having (MorriganHellsing). I'm experienced only in PC modding of Skyrim. If you're here to see all the different colored options because they didn't upload every option available in their gallery well Welcome! and I hope you enjoy the re-colors and find one you like!

P.S. Xbox Users... You should play Skyrim on PC. Just sayin ;)

I do enjoy adding colors to the hair so I will take requests in the forums section. All you need to do is leave a comment there with the name of the hair and the colors you want and I will update the file with it at a later date. No time frame though. My life goes from chill to hectic at the drop of a hat.
Not taking requests at the time. Will start again here soon. Sorry!

This is a replacer. Not standalone. And it can never be a standalone. I was only given permissions regarding the textures. Sorry guys! You will have to cycle through KS Hair to find the recolored hair. Changing the hair color does/can change the hue of the original color I put on the hair texture. Just go through the hair colors and find a hue you want :)

Also, please keep in mind some hairs have a couple recolors due to requests. All recolors will be available in the FOMOD on updates but when they are you have to choose manual install or you'll get the first recolor I did myself before the update as the color choice. You can only choose one recolor choice. For example you cannot have both Aquaria Dusk and Aquaria Nebula. You can only choose one.

Main file category contains the latest FOMOD. All files that are under optional are completed hair's by request. Every 10-15 hairs I will update the FOMOD to include the newest hairs. 

KS Hairdos - Renewal

Very easy :) Just install via FOMOD. You have 2 choices. You can either install all the re-colors by choosing "All Hair Install" (220 Hair's) or choose "Manual Install" which lets you pick the hair's you want out of the 348 hair options. After you make your choice you should get a pop-up saying KS Hair already has those there do you want to overwrite them. Click Yes to all :)
I personally recommend using the Manual Install and choosing which hair you like. 
If you choose Manual Install there are 2 steps. The first will be all the duplicated/multiple optioned hair. So that it's easier and less likely for anyone to accidentally choose 2 of the same hair type since you can only choose 1. The second step will be all the hair's that do not have multiple choice options.

For NMM just right click the mod and choose Uninstall or Delete then choose Uninstall Mod. KS Hair's that you overwrote with these hair textures will revert back to normal.



Message me if you're seeking permission to use any of the assets from this mod.

Kalilies the creator of KS Hairdo's.
(Names from Kalilies KS Hairdo's description)
AdeAlessoAntoDarkoGeishaHalJakeaKarzaleeKijikoLapizLeah LilithMomoNewSeaS-ClubSintikliaSkyStealthicToksik, Peggy, RaonjenaWings, XM and Zauma for the hairstyles.
Hellosanta for her textures, which have been used as a resource for these hair textures.