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this is a standalone follower of my ningheim race character silver with cute fingres skin included. as an option you can try silver with the optional preset file. you also can optionally use the silver strong follower option if you like silver as a strong and reliable warrior.
the focus was laid on natural appearance and high detail. i put in a view subtle details and did my best to make a usable follower and preset.
most of the skin texture stuff is high res and not for low performance pc. for low res/downscaling of textures you may use ordenator.
the follower uses dracofish's (see credits) customized body skin of my cute fingers mod. so if you like the natural high res unp body fingers skin you may try my cute fingers mod for other races/npc/character. for ningheim race i customized already a fitting cute fingers package (see next paragraph).

if you want the preset as on the screenshots i recommend to install my cute fingers ningheim option. you find it in the katarina ningheim preset mod as an optioninal file pack. it's the mod i used to take the screenshots. if you don't like the grey nail polish for the follower you can try alternatively nail colours by replacing it with included cute finger nails optional textures.

the ningheim race plus eye & brow updates (see screenshot with green marked esp and read my sticky post)
current race menu version
ks hairdo's renewal for the hair
stoja's warpaints
true eye and brow ningheim patches (uploaded in my katarina ningheim preset as optinal file. all credits go to JimtownIrish)
i recommend unp base skinny body and my cute fingers ningheim option (see file section katarina ningheim preset ) for best results
and additionally my teeth replacer for ningheim and other vanilla and custom races (better teeth for human races)

if you use the unp mature skin texture mod be shure to use my patched face skin texture uploaded as optional file in the katarina ningheim preset files section. otherwise my presets don't match the sceenshots. all credits for this texture go to the original author.

Silver Follower Infos (no additional mod is needed):     you will find the silver follower in the Moorside Inn in Morthal
marked as:
- essential
- marriageable
- unaggressive
- skills: one/two handed, skills and marksman :30, rest between 15 and 25
- level mult: 0.949
- max level: 100
- using hide armor and riften haelga outfit (customizable with follower extension)
- height 1
- weight 50

the standard follower version is more on the weak side so you will have to take care of her and don't expect too much combat support.
i like this setup because the main character has to do most of the combat work and the follower acts more like someone who needs your protection.

the strong warrior optional esp includes raised combat values which gives silver superior combat power (skills are 80+) and makes her nearly invulnerable.
this is very suitable if you wan't to rely mainly on the power of your follower or your enemys are very strong.

fully customizable and voiced with follower extension mods
for extended follower features i use and recommend amazing follower tweaks mod by Dheuster

installation of the preset:
- unpack and put the preset file in the folder data\skse\plugins\chargen\presets (if you use mo it also can be the
overwrite folder depending on your installation settings).
- open console ingame an type showracemenu
- chose "preset" button in the menu and then the preset load button and load the desired preset.
- you may change and optimize the preset now. don't forget to save it in a new preset and to save the game.

many thanks and credits to the modders of these great mods above (including caliente for
body customizer features) for making this preset possible:
The Ningheim Race and Seren4xx
Racemenu by Expired
credits to Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky for the followers and presets ks hairdos hair
special thanks to dracofish for her cute fingers skin support for my preset and my follower. if you like this skin don't forget to endorse her pride of walhalla skin mod!
elminsterAU,Hlp, Zilav and Sharlikran for TES5Edit
nifscope developers for the nice mesh viewer
nifmerge tool by turulo
the gimp team

bethesda's ck

you may watch my other skyrim mods here or simply google "skyrim xrayy" for some screenshot impressions.

have fun playing skyrim!