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I really loved these retextures by redtox and so I couldn't choose from the two so I made this plugin and wanted to share it. Please don't forget to leave redtox an endorsement on his retexture pages and kudos on his profile, he deserves it!


Dark Brotherhood HD armor retexture
by redtox

-This mod will add black versions of 15 Vanilla Shrouded items (check list below). This maybe incompatible with mods that replace the vanilla mesh with a different mesh structure(I'm using CBBE bodyslided-HDT).
-USLEEP/USKP version for male mesh is available as optional file. See the 2nd and 3rd male khajiit screenshots for comparison.
-Also compatible with Clothing and Clutter Fixes' cowl meshes for beast races as this patch is only adding textures and does not replace any models.
-Adds recipes to turn a DB Armor into its Black version and vis-a-vis in the Tanning Rack (CCOR armor light toggles) that requires you are a member of the Dark Brotherhood.
-Having Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade installed will show more Immersive recipes (Dark Leather for remodeling to black required and Red/Crimson Leather for remodeling back to original) as well as their tempering recipes will follow CCOR temper recipes(Dark leather for all parts).
-Edits the World Encounter DB Assassin's Outfit to have a chance of wearing a Black DB armor set.
-The naming, stats of the armors are consistent and compatible with Weapon and Armor Fixes Remade, Stealth Skills Rebalanced mods by kryptopyr.
-The remodeled version allows you to turn the black armor parts into a 'Remodeled' version using models from ChronoTrigger77's standalone version of the mod: Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide HDT.

  1. Get the main retexture file from redtox's page (link is shown in the biggest blue letters)
  2. Download and install this mod's main file and install redtox's main file in that order.(I accidentally bundled the 2k main files from redtox so if you want his 4k, install that after).
  3. If you want the 4k Black textures, you need to manually install it in your Data folder path is:textures\armor\dbarmor\black\.
  4. And your done, thank you!

Item ids:


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Mods used in screenshots:
-Clarity ENB

-Noble Skyrim by Shutt3r

-HaloPoser +
Poser Hotkeys
-Myst's RaceMenu Presets - Nord Female 'Snow'
-Bijin Mods and Toccata as Elisif
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Personal Note:
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I do not hold the rights to share or permit others to use the texture bundled in this mod that are created by redtox and has been allowed to be here with his permission, you must ask him for permission if you want to use them for your mod.
huge thanks to redtox for allowing this to be uploaded
kryptopyr for her ccor mods
chronotrigger77 for remodeled armor
elminsterau and Xedit team for XEdit
mator for mergeplugins
enb, skse teams
skyui and unofficial patches team