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It is a Mod of Dungeon similar to the map of Wizardry # 1.

Permissions and credits
*This message translated Japanese into English by Google Translate.
*Mod is created by reloading the version created with Special Edition with the regular version of CK and saving it.
*There was a case that caused CTD in test play, but we also confirmed that you can play to the end with the shortest route.
*In addition, it is based on working on PS 4 version.

It is a Mod of Dungeon similar to the map of Wizardry # 1.
The dungeon is near the border south of Helgen.

The message in the dungeon is using the message of Wizardry as it is.

Although all floors are currently being created, we can not do enough confirmation.
Adjustment of enemy arrangement and strength is not enough yet.
Also, the follower may not follow the location of the player.

We do not prepare quests, so if you defeat Werdna in the deepest part, it is over.

*v0.9.2 -> v0.9.3
- Change the wall
- Fixed someday floor bug
- Increase enemy types

*v0.9.3 -> v0.9.4
- Change enemy's reaction method