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Added: 08/02/2012 - 08:15PM
Updated: 09/02/2012 - 11:54PM

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Last updated at 23:54, 9 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 20:15, 8 Feb 2012

This mod adds dark brotherhood style assassins that will track you down and attempt to murder you. Can you keep your life?

Squads of bounty hunters can also attack you usually near thursday.

Every day of the week you will face a variety of attempts on your life. They can range from assassin groups, Squads of Elite Assassins, bounty hunters, or an optional Deathdealer if you fall asleep on a (Loredas)Saturday(needs little more testing)

The assassins have nice gems as well usually.

Suggestions and comments welcome

Read latest change below.

I will soon release a seperate very hard version for high level character if ppl want.

Feedback appreciated


NEW VERSION= Changed some spawns so not too many swamp you on one day sometimes. Changed around some of the assassins to be more leveled so that low level characts and high level may have a fight, changed the races of some of the squads to give them more variety.

The Deathdealer should now only attack on SATURDAY if you are SLEEPING. I have not tested to see how the sleeping works. (having some other problems.)

again I have cut down spawns. changed some levels, and variety, Deathdealer comes if you sleep on Saturday.

I will soon release a seperate very hard version for high level character if ppl want.

Fixed schedules, added more encounters with weak assassins. Added stronger elite assassins on wednsdays and fridays.

Watch out on Saturday, I added Deathdealer, he very strong vampiric assassin that will love to kill you.

Also, there is a group that could attack you at anyday, so that might be why some are reporting massive amounts. When you first put in mod, you will be attacked by this group, along with the scheduled enemies from that day.

So with bad luck you could run into alot. But once eliminated they should come back seperate days.

PS groups take some time to respawn so after a week of various attacks, assassins should come to attack more sparsely, till more are sent after you.


the range of battles varies. In this new version attacks are in various flavors.

how do you like the encounters, is it hard enough, are you getting owned, is it too easy? Do you like the weak assassins, elite assassins, or mix of both. How did you deal with the Deathdealer?

Comments and feedback welcome, enjoy. =]