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I made Azog the Defiler with racemenu sculpting.

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I made this preset using only racemenu sculpting. This mod uses orc male one . Yes an orc! I moved his teeth backward into his mouth and adjust his lips to close all the way. Note don't open his mouth or you'll have nightmares. This is a wip. I have to find a way to add scars since most scar mods don't conform to the racemenu sculpting I did. This is just a preset and doesnt affect skin textures. 

  • My blue eye texture with white sclera under optional files
  • Bettermales with younger males and geonox
  • Barbarian armor or Tsun's armor in the vanilla game makes a decent looking azog armor 
  • Use ancient snow elf armor for a "Battle of the Five Armies" look

Installation instructions 
  • Put the .jslot file in your racemenu\skse\plugins\chargen file in your skyrim data folder. Enter game and press the ~key and type "showracemenu" to bring up racemenu. Select orc male as your race/gender. Click the presets tab and then load preset key and select the azog preset.

Screenshot uses Bettermales with younger males and geonox.

ver 1.1 (4/8/2017) added an optional eye texture that changes the black sclera to white. Cleaned up some rough edges. Refined the profile view sculpt.