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Homage to the awesome Thief series.

- Hammerite and Mechanist armor and weapon sets.
- A spell to summon Hammer Haunts.

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I have previously expressed my love for the Thief series, and tried to bring Hammerites to Skyrim. However, that was one of my earliest modding attempts, and I was never really satisfied wth the result. Now that I am a little more experienced, I would like to pay homage to my favorite game series once more. Thus, it is with great pride (and a little apprehension) that I present to you... THE TAFFER'S TREASURE TROVE.

This mod is a work in progress, and more stuff will be added later on.

The Hammerites:

- The Hammerite equipment set consists of a full set of heavy armor, a maul (one-handed) and a sledgehammer (two-handed).
- Hammerite items can be crafted if you have the Advanced Armors perk, and tempered with Steel ingots.
- Hammerite armor provides the same protection as steel plate.

Hammer Haunts:

- "Summon Hammer Haunt" is an adept level spell that allows you to conjure a Haunt to fight for you.
- The book that teaches the spell can be found on a small table in the Whiterun catacombs.
- The spell is affected by the Summoner, Necromancy, and Twin Souls perks.

The Mechanists:

- The Mechanist equipment set consists of a full set of light armor, a mace (one-handed) and a warhammer (two-handed).
- Mechanist items can be crafted if you have the Advanced Armors perk, and tempered with Corundum ingots.
- Mechanist armor's protection values are slightly lower than those of Glass armor.


This mod uses assets from the files listed below. My thanks go to the mod authors for their excellent work:

"MERPs Gondorian Armament" by BGSMERP.
"Early Middleages Helmets Pack" by VAultMaN30.
"Thors Hammer Mjolnir" by ghosu.
"Ghosus Weapon Pack" by ghosu.
"Vicn Creature Pack" by Vicn.

The sound files for the Hammer Haunts were obtained from, and are the work of:
deganoth, dimbark1, richardemoore and vosvoy.

And of course, my heartfelt thanks also go to Looking Glass Studios and Ion Storm, for giving us the Thief games that still keep me entertained to this very day.