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Adds a Smelter to Solitude, Riften, Riverwood, Morthal and Falkreath and even the Skyforge for your convenience!
Optional Download Includes Adding a Tanning rack, workbench and a Smelter to the Skyforge!

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Attention: After numerous emails regarding the flame in Riften, I have decided to update you on the cause and the fix. The problem occurs from an incompatibility with a Riften update by Aplestormy. Simply approach the flame, open the console with ` click on it and type disable and then hit the enter key. That should remove the flame. If you find that you clicked something else by accident, just type in enable and that should revert any change. If anything goes wrong with re-enabling something then just reload a previous save and try again. Thank you for all of your support.

I've placed smelters and other smithing tools near the blacksmith area in cities Riverwood, Solitude, Riften, Riverwood, Morthal, Falkreath, and Dawnstar by request of Daventry. What started as just simply adding a smelter to Riverwood has exploded into a project fueled by positive comments by the users. Obviously if there is some sort of issue these mods cause just let me know! And I do take requests.

A new main file has been realeased! Skyforge Smelter Optimised brings a Smelter, a tanning rack and a workbench to the Skyforge for your convenience! No more running to warmaidens just to make that new shiny Wolf armor fit a bit better! All the smithing tools have been placed away from any markers to cause issues with any "activities" that may happen at the Skyforge.

-Morthal was a bit bland as far as smithing goes so I took the liberty of adding a complete set of tools next to Falion's house.
-Dawnstar's blacksmith now has a workbench and grinder!

I Have always felt like I wasn't completely happy with the Solitude area after I added the smelter so I went back to the old .esp and added a couple of new things!
-Smelter has been placed in different place for a visually nicer look
- I noticed there was a couple of blocks of wood on a fireplace at the blacksmith area so I said "Why not?" and lit the fires for you guys :) Looks great at night

For installing just add the .Esp file to your Data folder in the Skyrim Directory

I wanted people to have a choice with their mod, some enjoy not having a bunch of tools cluttering up the beauty of the Skyforge so I gave you a choice. With the Optional Skyforge files, you can pick exactly what tools you want to be available to you. It is only necessary to pick one (The Tanning rack added version or the version without the tanning rack.)

Thanks to Derkaiser84 for the request of the Skyforge smelter
I want to thank Daventry for all of his suggestions, they have kept me busy and this mod never would of existed without them.