The Largashbur's Pariah - Basic Orc Hut by Setvi
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Added: 19/03/2017 - 07:15PM
Updated: 20/03/2017 - 11:25AM

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Small description
This mod add a basic Orc Hut next to the Orcish Stronghold of Largashbur.
Mod in English and/or French, tested, and cleaned with TES5Edit.
Ideal for: An Orc or all sort of Pariah.

Long description
When I play an Orc, one of the first thing I do is to go to Larghasbur, when I reach the level 9-10.
For me, it's make sense since Largashbur is not so far to Ivarstead, Ivarstead where we go to complete the Main Quest.
And I was wondering: ''Why not try to make my (first) house mod here'' ? And here we go !

-- Map Marker,
-- The True Nature Of Orcs (Book),
-- Orcish Sword,
-- Orcish End Table (Safe),
-- Arcane Enchanter (Since Orcs have Enchanting),
-- Bed,
-- Chair,
-- Drum (Private joke).

No navmesh done yet, so you cannot enter the Hut with a follower, the follower will wait outside.
This mod was mainly done for my own, but I wanted to share it with you, just in case.
This mod works as intended for me, so don't expect any updates yet, sorry, and sorry for my English.

Required Files
No required files.

Credits/Mods Used/Recommanded Mods
Orcish Hut Kit by Markus Liberty //
Vivid Landscapes - Orc and Farmhouses by Hein84 //
ETAC and/or Immersive Settlements by Pymous //
Bethesda // The Elder Scrolls

Thanks for watching/reading/downloading/anything !

Thank you!