Old Cabin - A Home in Solstheim by carrotferret
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Old Cabin
In the hills of eastern Solstheim lies an old abandoned shack. Who did it once belong to? Nobody knows, but nobody cares
enough to live there. Only the occasional weary traveler will stop in and relight the fires. Those who enter might be surprised to find
stores of sickly sweet candy and stale moon sugar lying about, not to mention what seems to be some sort of ceremonious tree
with boxes of woodentoys beneath it. 

Whatever the case may be, perhaps you might like to take over this shack? Tidy up the ash piles and the massive cobwebs,
and I'm sure you'll find a cozy place to take respite from the hostile fauna and landscapes of Solstheim.

Author's Note: You can find the Cabin in roughly the same place you would have found it in Bloodmoon.