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Mage of Death
Vendeatha 0.1

Hello! Wut's up! first of all thanks to all people who downloaded
and play with my first follower i am glad with that and i hope you enjoy playing with her as your combat partner, anyway this is a mini update for Vendeatha
i only re-sculpt her face and re-make her skills. reason why i re-sculpt her face
because she looks too young to be a "mage of death" so i decided to re-sculpt
her to make more matured looking woman and for the skills i decided to re-make
it cuz the old one looks like a water balloon popping out in the enemies so
i choose different effects to make more cooler and i add another skill for her.
thats it! good bye young Vendeatha

btw shes a trainer now and
i think shes alot more "OP" now than the old version
anyway thats the reason why shes a Mage of Death.


Basic Information
Race: Nord
Location: Temple of Divines (Solitude)
Marriable: Yes
Class: Trainer Conjurer
Combat Class: Human Magic
Body type: CBBE
Perks: Mix Mage Conjuration/Assassin/Marksman
Spells: Custom Conjuration Spells (Update)
Outfit: Dawnguard Vampire Outfit (
Remodeled Armor for CB...)
Weapon: (No need)
Level: 250 (Fix)
Voice: Female Sultry

Nexus Mod Manager
(if you are using the old version unistall it first using NMM/Manual
or overwrite it with the new one using NMM/Manual)

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
Amazing Follower Tweaks
Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide HDT
FNIS Sexy Move
Female Facial Animation

to all creators of the mods below

Make A Follower Worksh...
Caliente's Beautif...
Remodeled Armor for CB...
KS Hairdos - Renewal
The Eyes Of Beauty

Better Makeup for SKSE
Fair Skin Complexion
All Other Mods
All Youtube Tutorials for making a follower :D
Special Thanks to
(Mer Beauties)

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