Neloth's Influence by carrotferret
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Added: 19/03/2017 - 06:50AM
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Neloth's Influence

This mod adds several hundred trees and mushrooms to the southern side of Solstheim. The ashlands now consist of thick exotic forests of
Emperor Mushrooms and ashen Pines. Don't worry, some areas, such as the area directly east of Tel Mithryn, are still barren ashy wastes,
but for the most part the southern half of Solstheim now feels much more alien and strange, as well as more dense. You'll find glowing
mushrooms at rivershores, and now and then a lantern hanging off of an old Emperor Mushroom.

Just a small mod to make Solstheim feel new. An alternative to Genesis, which I feel goes a bit too green.
Also, be sure to download Dusty Travels Again for extra aesthetics!